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It's Raining, It's Snowing? Mid-December Storm Brings 'Thundersnow'

MINNESOTA (WCCO) – It's safe to say Minnesota's weather has been a bit bizarre this December. From temps in the 40s to green lawns, December has felt a bit more like May this year.

That trend continued Wednesday.

Early Wednesday morning snow began to fall across most of the state. From Canby in the southwest corner to Deer River in the northeast, the entire state got a taste of the white stuff. Including the snow-deprived metro.

However, around 4 a.m. temperatures began to rise and the snow turned to rain in the Twin Cities, leaving the area with less than an inch of powder.

The rain stuck around for most of the morning and temperatures hovered around the freezing mark, creating a mixture of rain, sleet and snow. Around 9 a.m., thunder joined the party, making it a thundersnow-storm.

Weirder yet, after the clouds cleared and the sun came out the snow continued to fall.


In the north, things weren't quite as odd. Snow fell, like normal, and continues to fall. Some areas have already seen up to 7 inches.

Southern Minnesota also saw measurable totals, with Canby coming in at 6 inches.

Southwest, central and northeast Minnesota are under a winter weather advisory and northwestern Minnesota is under a winter storm warning for most the day Wednesday.


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