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"It's just shattered our family": Teen may not see prison time for role in deadly carjacking

Teen involved in deadly carjacking of Steve Markey may not see prison time
Teen involved in deadly carjacking of Steve Markey may not see prison time 02:06

MINNEAPOLIS -- A teen won't spend a day in prison for a deadly carjacking if a judge accepts his plea. In court on Friday afternoon, the victim's heartbroken family is begging that judge not to.

Kristin Derus Dore visits 14th and central in Northeast Minneapolis often.

"He was sitting right here in his car with the windows rolled down," Derus Dore said.

It's where two teens tried to carjack her cousin Steve Markey in June of 2019. And where one opened fire, killing the 39-year-old.

"It's just shattered our family," Derus Dore said.

And now more trauma for those who loved Markey, with the offer of a plea agreement for one of the accused. Probation over prison.

"I think it's an absolute outrage and it's devastating to my family," Steve's sister Susan Markey said.

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The shooter, Jered Ohsman, was 16 at the time, certified as an adult, and is serving more than 20 years in prison.  His accomplice Husayn Braveheart was 15, recently certified as an adult after an appeal to the Minnesota Supreme Court. While Braveheart didn't fire the fatal shot, he did fire after Markey drove off, and now offered a controversial plea by Hennepin County prosecutors.

"We have this very tragic horrendous crime and we also have four years of seeing how this young man responded to the type of treatment they recommended he needed," Hennepin County Attorney Mary Moriarty said.

Moriarty defends the plea saying prison would disrupt Braveheart's progress. Taking this position knowing the victim's family strongly opposes this plea.

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"I hear you and I understand that pain and what I have to do is to consider public safety," Moriarty said.

Markey's family begged the judge in court to reject the plea. While questioning the actions of the prosecution.

"It's deeply wrong for multiple reasons," Markey said.

The judge noted the plea agreement is lower than recommended guidelines. He will make his decision in October after he gets the findings from what's called a pre-sentence investigation.

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