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How homeowners can prepare for spring melt

How homeowners can prepare for spring melt
How homeowners can prepare for spring melt 02:46

DELANO, Minn. – A nationwide flood outlook from the National Weather Service shows Stillwater and part of the Twin Cities metro are in a "major flood" risk zone.

As the snow melts outside, Kura Home Maintenance Owner Daniel Felts says homeowners should be outside, too, cleaning gutters and digging out downspouts.

"It's really easy for this downspout to become detached, and if that water is pouring right next to your home, it's not getting it 4- to 10-feet away, and that water's gonna seep in right next to your foundation there, and that can cause your sump pump to work harder," Felt said.

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To help prevent water damage, he encourages people to shovel a perimeter around their home, especially around windows and doors.

"You want to see water coming out of your sump pump and getting away from your house," he said.

To make sure your sump pump is working right, make sure any outdoor drainage hoses are thawed, and give the sump pump a practice run.  


"Just taking a bucket of water, you can pour that in. And as you pour that in, that's gonna simulate water coming into your sump pump, and you want to just make sure that this can handle enough water," he said.

Homeowners can also place affordable water sensors around their home to alert if water has entered the space.

"Once it starts warming up, that's when it's going to start melting and we'll get those phone calls," Gary Colemasan, project manager with Paul Davis Restoration.

Colemasan says spring is the busiest time of year, especially in Minnesota.

"Since we know we live in Minnesota and we know we're gonna have this problem, moving furniture away from your walls, having dehumidifiers yourself just in your basement is a good preventive measure," he said.

Most standard home insurance policies don't have flood insurance, but you can choose to upgrade. Keep in mind that there is a 30-day waiting period before it goes into effect.

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