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For a third time, revenue dept. sends rebate checks to 128K Minnesotans

Revenue dept. sends rebate checks a 3rd time to 128K Minnesotans
Revenue dept. sends rebate checks a 3rd time to 128K Minnesotans 01:43

ST. PAUL, Minn. — The Minnesota Department of Revenue will resend one-time rebates to 128,000 Minnesotans who haven't cashed their checks so far, the department's commissioner said Thursday.

Paul Marquart, the revenue chief, said those remaining checks represent about 6% of all the 2.1 million that were sent to Minnesota taxpayers, whether by mail or direct deposit. 

It took about a month to send the first round of physical rebate checks late last year, and the department waited 60 days before voiding them and trying again. Those unclaimed during the second round were nullified earlier this month, prompting the department to resend them once more.

The checks were $260 per taxpayer and there was additional money available for up to three dependents if families made less than $150,000 married or $75,000 as a single filer. A family of five who met these requirements saw a $1,300 check. 

Some Minnesotans said they were confused about an unmarked envelope, and that they came from Montana, where the state contracted with a company to send them. Marquart told the Senate Taxes Committee Thursday that in hindsight he wished Submittable Holdings, the out-of-state sender, had a Minnesota-based post office address, so taxpayers knew that the check was legitimately their one-time direct payment from the state.

Some people threw theirs away, he admitted, though noted another check was sent if that was the case.

"While there were some glitches, overall when it came to getting checks out, getting them to the right people and the right amount and so forth, it was very, very successful," Paul Marquart. commissioner of the Department of Revenue, said.

If Minnesotans haven't received their check and are one of the 128,000 who qualify for one, Marquart said the new check will not be from Submittable Holdings, but the Department of Revenue. 

Taxpayers have two years to cash those checks and if they don't after that window, they will be sent to unclaimed property managed by the Minnesota Department of Commerce. 

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