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1st Day Of Fall Feels A Whole Lot Like Summer

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- The Friday afternoon football game between Highland and Central high schools in St. Paul was played hours later, under the lights, to avoid the heat of the day.

But over at Minneapolis North, bleachers were empty. Their afternoon game is delayed until Saturday at noon when temperatures drop slightly.

If there was ever a day to hop in a classic convertible, this was it.

"This is a 1975 Chevy Caprice," said Emanuel Duncan.

Duncan is driving around in his brother's restored Chevy convertible. He and his wife, Sarah, are turning heads and having fun in the sun.

"I'm sure he's going to call me to help him move or something one day [laughs]!" Duncan said.

But this first day of fall looked more summerlike at Lake Calhoun. The water was so inviting, ideal for grabbing a gust of wind on a sailboat or a quenching dip along Thomas Beach.

Bde Maka Ska, Lake Calhoun
(credit: CBS)

But no matter where you ventured, folks were out enjoying the sunshine. There wasn't an ice cream vendor around that wasn't busy.

And if you thought it was hot on the streets, try up on a roof standing on asphalt and tar paper.

"It's hot, extreme and stuff, but you know, you've got to drink a lot of water and keep, you know, hydrated," said roofing contractor James Sanchez.

Sanchez and his crew are wrapping up a massive roofing job on a townhome complex in Brooklyn Center.

"I assume it's like 100 degrees up there right now, and the higher you go it's like 105, it's just super-hot," Sanchez said.

So Sanchez and his crew take plenty of water and shade breaks. They know that the unbearable temperature is only temporary.

"I just feel it's going to go up and then it's going to go down real quick. You know how Minnesota is," Sanchez said.

So whether working or riding in it, the bottom line is to enjoy the extended summer conditions. We all know that as sure as this is the first day of fall, winter isn't far behind.

"It's a perfect day. You know, we only have like one weekend left of this weather, so why not get out here and enjoy it before you have to put it in the garage," Duncan said.

The sweet scent of apples and the rumble of a tractor paint a pretty fall picture at Minnetonka Orchards, one that now includes a blistering sun pushing temperatures into the 90s.

"It's a little different, I would say," said Aaron Bolser as he and Tracy Officer went apple picking. Both of them visited the orchard last year on Autumn's inaugural day.

"It was cold, we had jackets," described Officer.

This time around they wore shorts, t-shirts, and carried with them extra bottled water.

"But I don't think it takes away from it. It's still nice to be outside and enjoy the nice weather," said Bolser.

And they weren't alone, which is exactly what owner Lowell Schaper likes to see.

Minnetonka Orchards
(credit: CBS)

"I would prefer this over a rainy day, especially on a weekend. If we have rain all day on a weekend this time of year it kills us," Schaper said.

They did make some adjustments. Outdoor shelves that normally display apples on a cooler day were empty. Instead, the apples were in a cooler to stay fresh.

Changes fanned in for the wedding scheduled at the orchard as well.

"We went from thinking of bringing a bucket with a bunch of blankets and pashminas for people to stay warm in the evening to bug spray and water," said Fayette Cote, the bride's mother.

The scorching temperatures aren't exactly what they pictured for a late September ceremony.

"As long as there's a breeze here we can handle it a little. We've got really strong women and men," said Ellen Dephilippis, the groom's mother.

Who knew summer would take a bite out of fall on its first day.

"I'm a big fan of fall though and I'm ready for it. I kind of want the cooler weather," said Officer.


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