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Chaska family mourning loss of teenager shot and killed in Chicago

Chaska family searching for answers after teen killed in Chicago
Chaska family searching for answers after teen killed in Chicago 02:00

CHASKA, Minn. — A Chaska family is searching for answers after their loved one was shot and killed in Chicago.

Chicago police said a gunman opened fire at a northside park one week ago Sunday.

Four people were hit. Keyo'nce Gladney, a 19-year-old from Chaska, died from her injuries.

Police are still investigating the shooting, but a Chicago city councilmember told CBS News Chicago that she believes the shooting was targeted. However, from conversations with police and the family, Keyo'nce and her sister were not identified as intended targets. Police are determining if the friends were targeted.

"None of us believe it's real because it happened so quick," said Kourtnee Gladney, Keyo'nce's sister.

It's all still sinking in for Keyo'nce's sisters Kourtnee Gladney, Keilaysia Gladney and Kanani Jones, who are all still coming to grips with the loss of a sister, a daughter and a cousin.

"I saw someone with a ski mask coming. I thought that was a bad sign, I started to walk away," said Keilaysia Gladney.

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Keilaysia and Keyo'nce Gladney were on vacation, visiting Pottawattomie Park on Chicago's north side last Sunday, along with two other friends.

They were listening to music and soaking up the sun on an unseasonably warm day.

"Thought she tripped but she was shot and she fell to the ground," said Keilaysia Gladney. "One of our friends came and started giving her CPR and trying to stop the bleeding."

Keyo'nce Gladney was shot in the chest and died from her injuries, while Keilaysia Gladney was shot in the foot. She'll be in a cast for a few more weeks.

"I didn't even realize it until someone pointed it out to me," said Keilaysia Gladney.

Family said Keyo'nce Gladney was studying at Hennepin Tech, with dreams of becoming a paramedic and a foster parent.

They said she went out of her way to help others and had a strong sense of humor and a strong faith.

"She was very strong-minded, smart, very smart, talented," said Keilaysia Gladney.

Family held a balloon release at a Chaska park on Sunday.

"It was happy but it was also sad. There was a lot of crying, but at the same time it felt really good," said Keilaysia Gladney.

They now want whoever did this to face the consequences.

"We want to be want to get justice for her," said Jones. "Yes, we want answers, just want to figure out who did this to her and we want her to be," said Keilaysia Gladney. "Be laid to rest beautifully," said Kourtnee Gladney.

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