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5 arrested following overnight ATM robbery in Roseville

5 arrested for stealing ATM in Roseville
5 arrested for stealing ATM in Roseville 01:57

ROSEVILLE, Minn. — Five people were arrested early Tuesday morning after they allegedly stole from an ATM in a Roseville bank.

According to Roseville police, the robbery happened around 4 a.m. at the Great Southern Bank at 1875 County Road B2.  


Police found two people in a car that they believe was connected to the robbery. One was arrested while the other fled, but the person who was arrested led the police to Key Inn.

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After a two-hour standoff at the inn, police arrested four other suspects.

Experts say ATM robbers are part of a troubling trend across the nation, but especially in the midwest.

"It's for the most part organized crime," said David Tente, Executive Director of the ATM Industry Association. "You know, in these groups, they'll travel from state to state — they typically tend to be based in New York and Los Angeles. But we've also got groups coming in from Mexico."

Tente said even a small ATM at a convenience store could easily contain $20,000 to $50,000. A drive-in ATM at a bank could be over $200,000.

"All of these crimes tend to fall into the category of property crimes in most states," he added. "Which means that if you steal, you know, $50,000 out of the store's ATM, the penalty is going to be about the same as running off with a six pack of beer."

The ATM group said big banks tend to eat the costs of ATM thefts, but some medium banks and independent ATM operators have increased convenience fees by several dollars to compensate for rising insurance rates.

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