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Word Of The Year: Selfie!

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Britain's Oxford Dictionaries has crowned its word of the year. Welcome "selfie" to the official English language.

CBS4's David Sutta polled people on the street.

"First of all what is a selfie?" he asked.

"I'm not too sure," said Gabriel Sanchez. "I think it's kinda like you're so much into yourself that you have to take a picture all the time."

"Have you ever done this before?" Sutta asked Sherry Ceaser, a self-proclaimed "Selfie Queen."
"Oh all the time," she replied.

Asked Sutta: "You take selfies all the time?"

"All the time," she said.

"Why?" asked Sutta.

"I like looking at myself," she said laughing.

Sherry Ceaser is not alone. In 2013 the selfie took off. Celebrities are selfie-ing. The holy father does it. Astronauts do it in outer space. Some people even do it at funerals. Yes, there is grandma in the background.

Selfies are certainly trendy. Sutta though he'd never done it, then he realized he'd been doing it for about two years whenever he and his daughter go out for breakfast once a week together. Every week they take and post a picture of themselves. A selfie.

Now the word Selfie is the word of the year. You'll find in the Oxford dictionary.

"I think that's cool," said Sherry.

Gabriel pointed out, "Well times are changing so I guess we have to adjust. It's a shame that vocabulary is taking a turn that way."

"There is an upside to this though. Twerking didn't make it," Sutta told Gabriel.

"Awesome," said Gabriel.

"In addition to the selfie there is the helfie, of your hair, the welfie of you working out, and belfie of your backside. Perhaps some people need to keep those selfies to themselves.

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