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Sean Kingston promised a Justin Bieber collab as payment for a 232-inch TV, lawsuit alleges

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FORT LAUDERDALE - Months before Sean Kingston was arrested alongside his mother and charged with fraud after a SWAT raid at his rented South Florida mansion, the Jamaican-American singer was sued for allegedly not footing the bill of a $150,000 entertainment system, according to the legal complaint. 

Kingston, 34, whose real name is Kisean Anderson, was booked Thursday night into jail in San Bernardino, located about 60 miles east of Los Angeles, on numerous fraud and theft charges stemming from a Broward County, Florida, warrant.

Hours before his arrest, his mother, Janice Turner, 61, was detained on fraud charges during a police operation at Kingston's mansion in Southwest Ranches, a suburban town about 22 miles northwest of Miami.

Kingston, who was renting the massive enclave at the time of his arrest, is accused of breaching contract and defrauding a South Florida company. He's currently awaiting extradition to Florida. 

"People love negative energy! I am good and so is my mother!... my lawyers are handling everything as we speak," the "Beautiful Girls" hit-song singer said on his Instagram Stories prior to his arrest.  

According to The Associated Press, Kingston is on a two-year probation period for "trafficking stolen property". 

"We are aware of some of the allegations" being made against the two," Robert Rosenblatt, who's representing the mother-son duo, said to AP. "We look forward to addressing these in court and are confident of a successful resolution for Shawn and his mother."

Here is a breakdown of the legal complaint against Kingston that led to his arrest. 

The case against Sean Kingston

According to a legal complaint filed on Feb. 14, Kingston and Ver Ver Entertainment, the company that was in business, entered into a contract for the sale and installation of a 232-inch television in his Florida home.

On Sept. 23, 2023, Kingston messaged Ver Ver on Instagram and expressed interest in one of their "premier products," specifically a 232-inch television, along with a "robust sound system."

During the purchase, Kingston allegedly made numerous false representations to Ver Ver, including that he had a "current and ongoing working relationship" with singer Justin Bieber. To persuade Ver Ver to accept a lower down payment and credit toward the purchase, Kingston even promised the company that he would produce promotional videos for it with Bieber, the complaint stated.

The complaint continued, claiming that Kingston not only lied about his relationship with Bieber but also had no intention to produce promotional videos or pay Ver Ver in full. Despite this, the company and the singer entered into a contractual agreement.

Then on Nov. 15, Kingston wired Ver Ver $30,000 to begin the manufacturing process for the television. By Dec. 14, the company had finished their side of the agreement and installed the TV and sound system in the singer's home. Three days later, Ver Ver returned to Kingston's home to teach him how to use the equipment.

According to the complaint, Kingston was "fully satisfied" with both the functionality and installation of the TV and signed documentation that confirmed his sentiment. As per the contract, the singer was then obligated to pay Ver Ver in full upon installation of the equipment. At this time, "[Kingston] immediately breached the contract by failing to pay [Ver Ver] as contractually agreed" and then began making excuses as to why he couldn't pay the company.

On Jan. 15, Kingston then sent Ver Ver a NOVO alert that his remaining payments were coming; however, the complaint stated that the singer lied and that no money was ever transferred.

Then on Jan. 29, Kingston asked Ver Ver to come over to his home to pick up a check for the outstanding balance. But, when the company arrived, they were met by Kingston's cousin, who said nobody was home and that he "knew nothing about a check."

Ver Ver then contacted Kingston that day, who apologized to the company and asked for them to return to pick up the check. However, once again, the company met Kingston's cousin and got the same answer: no check.

Sean Kingston's past legal troubles

Unbeknownst to Ver Ver, Kingston has a "long history of engaging in fraudulent conduct," the complaint stated.

In 2022, Kingston was sued for obtaining two luxury watches worth over $1.05 million and failing to pay for them, the complaint alleged.

In 2021, music video producer GXDLIKE accused Kingston of punching him in the face and threatening him with a gun, TMZ reported. Kingston has denied those claims.

In 2020, a warrant was issued for his arrest for grand theft after he reportedly received jewelry but never paid for it. Over the years, Kingston has issued with jewelers. He's been sued several times for allegedly receiving items and then not paying for them.

In 2016, Kingston got into a fight and was robbed of a $300,000 chain at the Penthouse Nightclub & Dayclub in Los Angeles, according to TMZ.

In 2015, Kingston was again accused of not paying for watches worth $356,000, the complaint alleged.

In 2011, Kingston crashed his watercraft into a bridge in Miami Beach. He was seriously injured, and a female passenger was also hurt. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition. While being treated, doctors discovered that he had torn his aorta and had to undergo heart surgery.

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