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Wearing pink undies and walking a suitcase at midnight? The other New Year's Eve traditions

Times Square ball drop
How did the Times Square ball drop become a NYE tradition? 02:12

MIAMI - Toasting with a glass of Champagne while kissing and hugging loved ones as the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve is the most common way to usher in the New Year, but you'd probably be surprised and may even choose to adopt one of these other traditions:  

In most Hispanic countries, 12 grapes must be eaten at the stroke of midnight to guarantee prosperity in the coming year, with each grape representing each month of the year. The grapes can be green or red and children are generally told to make a wish with each eaten grape. 

Close up of hands choosing bras cups size and looking light new wireless and seamless technology with red hot color and sexy bra in lingerie shop at department store. Woman shopping underwear concept.
Red underwear to find new love in the coming year.  Getty Images/iStockphoto

Another tradition is to have an empty suitcase or two ready to be taken for a walk around your neighborhood. The purpose is to guarantee lots of travel in the coming year. 

If love is what you are hoping to find within the next twelve months, then wearing pink underwear is what you must do.

If you want to keep the bad spirits away, you must wear white during your celebrations.

Also, a bucket of water must be thrown out of your front door to symbolically get rid of bad spirits and negative energy.

If money is what you seek in the coming year, then you must wear yellow underwear to guarantee financial wealth and success. 

And last, but not least, to have good luck, don't forget to wear red underwear during your celebrations.

...And have a Happy New Year!

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