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Two Yachts Destroyed During Overnight Fire Along Miami River

MIAMI (CBS Miami) -- Miami Fire Rescue is investigating the cause of a fire that left two yachts destroyed early Thursday morning.

Seventeen units responded shortly before 2:30 a.m. to a marina along the Miami River with two boats fully engulfed in flames.

It took about an hour to get the fire under control. No injuries have been reported.

Although it's unclear the exact sizes of the boats due to the damage, one appears to be over 70 feet and the other over 50 feet, according to Miami Fire Rescue.

"The conditions were intense that's why we had multiple units from bridge, water and land. We're also dealing with a lot of fuel, a lot of plastics so we had to use a foam operation, That's why our hazardous materials team is here. We were also able to untie two other large vessels from getting damaged," said Lt. Pete Sanchez.

Fire Rescue hasn't been able to reach the owners of the yachts or the owner of the marina.

A man who told CBS4 News his name was David came out to evaluate the situation.

"A friend of mine owns a boat here," said David. 'They were trying to get out of here today.

"I'll tell you one thing. None of the boats had engines. None of the boats had diesel in it. None of the boats had no fuel or oil or anything."

David said the boatyard is closing at the end of the month and that the owners were trying to get rid of all the vessels left behind.

There was no name on the building beside a sign on the fence that said closed permanently.

Fire investigators have been on scene all morning working on hot spots and trying to determine what started the fire.

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