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Broward Teacher's Union President Anna Fusco Clarifies Number Of Teachers Who Recently Died From COVID

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Broward Teacher's Union President Anna Fusco told CBS4 she had made a mistake announcing Thursday that 3 Broward County teachers and a teacher's aide had died.

She said it was only two elementary school teachers and the aide, none of whom were vaccinated.

"The 4th person who was reported to me as a high school teacher, we finally got her name, not any kind of staff of Broward County Schools," said Fusco.

Fusco told CBS4 News she was confused because this 4th person, a Broward County public school graduate and county worker was so active in the community.

"Trust me, she's a different type of educator in Broward. That's why it's a mistake that I thought she was a high school teacher," added Fusco.

Still, Broward County lost 3 educators and a devoted community member, all in their late 40s, within a 24-hour-period from Tuesday to Wednesday, less than one week before that start of school.

On Friday, a cloud hangs over Pinewood Elementary, where one teacher worked.
That teacher was identified as Janice Wright. She was 48 and unvaccinated.

The other teacher and aide both worked at Dillard Elementary. The teacher was identified as Katina Jones and the teacher's aide as Yolonda Hudson Williams, both 49, both unvaccinated.

Both school principals are said to be devastated.

"The BTU is very concerned about what happened. Right now, another teacher is in ICU as well," said Liliana Ruido, with the Broward Teachers Union Diversity Membership Outreach.

The teacher who worked here was married. CBS4 learned her husband was vaccinated. She was not. He's currently sick with COVID-19.

Students return to Broward schools on Wednesday, August 18.

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