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Something Extra: Enough With The Conspiracies

MIAMI (CBS4) - Left-wing conspiracies, right-wing conspiracies: I pretty much don't believe in any of them.

Yesterday, on a Sunday morning talk show, the contoversial liberal TV personality Keith Olbermann came up with a hare-brained conspiracy theory.  Despite much evidence to the contrary, he implied right-wing oil speculators had somehow driven gas prices to lows when President Obama was inaugurated and then driven them up now in order to make him lose the election.

Then there are those on the right just won't let go of the birther conspiracy, insisting the President was not born in the US, despite not having any credible evidence to support that.

A shocking number of people believe the U-S government either knew in advance about the nine-eleven attacks or was somehow involved in the collapse of the World Trade Center towers.

A bunch of others think the military has successfully hidden a UFO and aliens found in Roswell, New Mexico for sixty-five years.

And half a century and countless investigations later, many people refuse to believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone when he assassinated President Kennedy.

In my experience, people are terrible at keeping secrets.

In all these cases, lots of people would have to have kept lots of secrets for lots of years even when they could have made lots of money by talking.  Not a chance.

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