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Some Broward Cities Band Together To Keep Uber

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CORAL SRPINGS (CBSMiami) – Following fights, fines and new regulations with Broward County commissioners, popular ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft decided it wasn't worth it. They're pulling out of the county at the end of the month.

Now some cities are saying, "hit the brakes, please!"

"We can pass an ordinance to allow Uber, separately here inside the city boundaries," said Coral Springs Vice Mayor Larry Vignola, "and if other cities around Broward County allow that it would allow a network of communities that would allow Uber to operate."

Vignola is fighting to keep Uber and finding a growing number of cities wants to do the same, despite the county.

"It's not an us versus them kind of thing," he said, "it's our residents feel that there's a need an we're a closer of level of government to them and it's something our residents want and we're going to see what we can do to provide it."

Many cities in Western Broward, from Parkland to Miramar are interested in finding ways to keep Uber and some cities on the east side want to know more, too. But County Commissioner Chip LaMarca said they could run into a legal issue.

"Our county attorney doesn't believe they have that ability due to the character having put transportation, rides for hire in the county's hands," LaMarca said. "We'd like to be able to fix it.  I encourage anyone who wasn't on board to reconsider."

LaMarca wants the commission to take up the issue again in August after the summer break.  He hopes some fellow commissioners will flip their votes to keep the services here.  Fans of Uber say it saves them money.

"It cost me about $5 to get to my destination 10 minutes away," explained Uber user Wendy King. "On the way back from the convention center, there was a taxi cab sitting there so I jumped it, it was $15 to the same distance via taxi."

Mothers Against Drunk Drivers is speaking up, issuing a statement saying, "MADD is disappointed to see Uber leave Broward County. We want people to have as many options as possible to get home safety—including rideshare services, taxis and public transportation. MADD hopes that one day Uber will be able to operate in Broward County, for the benefit of everyone's safety on the roads. Until then, MADD urges everyone to plan ahead by designating a non-drinking driver if their plans include alcohol."

The county commission returns from summer break August 11. Many cities will wait to see what the commission does before deciding if they will go ahead with local ordinances.


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