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'Solo' The Baby Flamingo Joins The Flock At Zoo Miami

MIAMI (CBSMiami) -- Zoo Miami's flamingo flock has a new resident. The only flamingo chick to hatch this year made its first venture out to the flamingo exhibit Monday.

The young male, named "Solo", isn't only the first chick to hatch this year, but also, the first to hatch in over a decade.

Solo hatched on September 25th.

The egg had to be artificially incubated after it was rejected by its parents and the chick has been successfully hand-raised by animal science staff members.

The goal remains to gradually introduce Solo to the exhibit and adult flock on a daily basis, where it spends a limited amount of time.

Zoo Miami Juvenile Flamingo
He was introduced to the flock of adult birds as well as the exhibit pool (Courtesy: Ron Magill/Zoo Miami)

The staff wants to make sure he adapts to the new environment and how accepting the flock is of the newcomer with the ultimate goal being that the chick remains with the flock permanently.

Solo isn't the usual beautiful pink color just yet. When flamingo chicks hatch, they are a light gray color and will not achieve their adult coloration until after they are a year old.


For several days, zookeepers have walked Solo from his wading bird holding area in the Florida: Mission Everglades exhibit onto the public walkways and then into the exhibit through a service area.

The chick seems to be adjusting well and the hope is that he will be on exhibit full time by the New Year.

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