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So far, so good for Spring Break in South Florida

Officials, residents say Spring Break seems under control
Officials, residents say Spring Break seems under control 00:54

MIAMI BEACH — On South Beach, where spring break is in full swing, and so are the changes. 

When you ask tourists about Miami Beach, they say they can't get enough of it.

"It's vibrant, it's alive, it's so good," said Cassandra Ropert.

"It's all good vibes around here," said Mario Dunbar.

"The vibe has been amazing! I mean the people are friendly, the food is really good,, and obviously as you can see behind me, the party never stops," said Louis Waller.

For first time spring breakers, they say being here is a dream come true.

"Everything, it seems unreal," said Kalieb Osborne.

So far, Miami Beach police have reported 35 spring break related arrests for Friday and Saturday.

But the tourists we spoke to say so far, everything has been under control.

"I feel totally safe I have to say. All week, no issues at all. People are really cool," said Anne Ropert.

"It actually has been kind of calm, cause I've been to Miami Beach during spring break and that was in college so I know what the crowds look like then," said Waller.

There are some things to keep in mind as spring break continues here in South Beach.

Sidewalk cafes on Ocean Drive will completely shut down during the second and third weekends of March.

The city is also increasing parking rates in the South Beach entertainment district to a $100 rate at city garages and lots.

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