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Slithery Surprise! Rare albino boa constrictor captured outside Naples home

Rare albino boa constrictor found outside Florida home
Rare albino boa constrictor found outside Florida home 01:18

MIAMI - A slithery surprise was spotted outside a home in Naples - a rare albino boa constrictor.

The people that found it posted about it on social media and Taylor and Rhett Stanberry, who call themselves venomous keepers and relocators. The wildlife loving couple has quite the following on their social media.

"There was just this fat thick snake basking in the sun next to their trash pile kind of and we were just so excited," said Taylor Stanberry. "And at first he (Rhett) thought it was friendly and he was trying to grab it all nicely."

"She started striking, she was scared but it was so cool catching it. It was our first time catching a boa and especially in albino boa," said Rhett Stansberry. "You shouldn't see those because they're just released or escaped pets so it's very rare to catch them."

The couple thinks the nine-and-a-half-foot boa was someone's pet but no one responded to their posts about it.

"Should we, you know, send her to another rescue? And then we're like, you know, we'll keep her because she's pretty cool and she's beautiful," said Rhett Stansberry.

So for now, they'll try to care for it themselves.

"We're keeping her in quarantine for now. We got her on a diet and exercise regimen. And we're building her big cage," said Taylor Stansberry.  

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