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Protesters Shut Down I-195, Move Toward Downtown Miami

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Protesters managed to shut down I-195 in Miami-Dade County in both directions for a brief time Friday night.

Protest I-195
December 5, 2014: A line of traffic seen near I-195 as protesters stopped cars. (Source: CBS4)

Hundreds of protesters were in the middle of the highway near State Road 112 Friday night to protest deaths by during incidents involving police officers including Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri, Eric Garner in New York, and Israel "Reefa" Hernandez on Miami Beach.

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Occupy Miami took to Twitter to show pictures of the protest which moved toward downtown Miami to Art Miami for the festival of artwork all over the world.

The Florida Highway Patrol assisted the with protests to move the people off the highway for their safety.

Protest 3
December 5, 2014: Protesters move through downtown Miami. (Source: CBS4)

Chopper 4 flew over the scene to see a massive traffic jam during the protest, but the lanes have since opened again.

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The protests snarled traffic during Art Basel.

"The  festivities right now are Art Basel. Maybe people should focus on that," said patron Miguel Hine. "Protesting the streets here publicly, it's a right we have, but I think it's also a little disturbing, too."

Nancy Sepulveda couldn't even get around.

"I'm mad because couldn't find our car, we're going by taxi," Sepulveda said.

Protesters said the snarled traffic during Art Basel only helped to relay their messages.

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"For someone to sit in traffic for an extra hour or two, and this is a protest and this is a serious issue, that deals with all people all across america, and they're biggest complaint is that it's traffic and that you can't get to an art exhibit on time, that just sounds like white privilege to me," said Matthew Wolfson, a protester.

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In Wynwood, protesters laid in the street for more than four minutes to pay tribute lives lost.

People attended Art Basel events found the protests similar to art.

"The whole world has got their eyes on this right now, so why not. You know we have got all the glamour why not bring up some of the dirt going on in this country," said Brian Gaughan.  "I was happy to hear about it. We need to wake up."

"I'm not really surprised. I mean. If you are a protester your aim is to get attention," said Osay Imarhiagbe.

However, the protests prevented some vendors from reaching their destinations at Art Basel.

"It was an inconvenience I mean I understand about the protest and they want to be heard, but again we are working and we need to make a living and this is a great time for that," said Elisabeth Arismendi.

Police reported no arrests, injuries or major accidents.





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