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Professional Organizing Is Growing Business That Many Are Taking Advantage Of

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NEW YORK (CBSMiami) – Most Americans would admit they have lots of stuff.

Getting rid of it may seem daunting but some people are hiring others to do it for them.

One of those people is Alexis Bellmoff, who admits she has too much stuff.

"My thing is like 'oh I'll put it in the closet, I'll toss it under the bed,'" she said.

But instead of tackling this mess alone, she hired Done and Done Home; A professional organizing business founded by mother-daughter team Ann Lightfoot (mom) and Kate Pawlowski (daughter).

They understand that some things are more difficult for customers to part with than others.

"The biggest category would be sentimental items, they are the hardest to get rid of," said Kate.

Done and Done not only cleans out closets, donates unwanted items, and hauls away junk; clients get tips on buying quality over quantity.

But the service isn't cheap, with Bellmoff paying $2000 for one day of organizing.

"It's a necessity for me, it is," she said. "It's money well spent."

The business of organization is catching on.

Jessica Kennedy is with the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals, which now has thousands of members in 49 states.  And it's not just people cleaning closets.

"More people are hiring organizers," said Kennedy. "Like even photo organizers is just a niche thing for professional organizers. Or tech organizing where it's just your computer and email things like that."

Social media may also be helping business. Posts of spotless spaces are racking up the likes.

Belmoff is surprised her studio went from looking overly cluttered to immaculately organized in just a few hours.

"This feels like a totally new apartment and it went by really quickly," she said.

And moving forward she's hoping to keep her space de-cluttered and organized.


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