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One Year Anniversary Of "Causeway Cannibal Attack"

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Sunday marked the one year anniversary of the so called "Causeway Cannibal Attack" in which Ronald Poppo was brutally attacked on the MacArthur Causeway by Rudy Eugene.

The attack left Poppo mutilated and blind. Since the attack Poppo has been living in a long term medical facility.

Earlier this week, a visibly heavier and happier Poppo expressed his thanks to everyone who supported him after the gruesome cannibal-like attack.

A Message from Ronald Poppo | Jackson Health System by Jackson Health System on YouTube

Eugene was walking across the causeway bridge and ran into Poppo, who was homeless at the time. Eugene had stripped off most of his clothes and attacked Poppo and tore off his clothes off as well.  When police found the two men, they fired on Eugene, killing him.   No explanation for the attack has ever been determined.

Poppo has undergone four surgeries to repair the damage done by Eugene who used his teeth to tear the man's face apart. Though there is much more work that can be done to make his appearance more normal, including a prosthetic nose and eye, Poppo has insisted he doesn't want any more help.

Poppo said he spends his time playing guitar and he likes to listen to the Miami Heat games on the radio.

Slideshow: Ronald Poppo's Recovery

For the most part Poppo's medical treatment is complete. He is fully funded by Medicaid and can remain at the long term medical facility indefinitely. He also has $100,000 in a foundation fund thanks to the community.

Anyone who would like to send him a message can do so on Twitter at #wishes4poppo.


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