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On The Radar: Season Series - Part Five

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As we head toward the halfway point of the 2016 season, more and more prospects continue to emerge — and ultimately grab the attention of colleges across the country.

If you have attended games in South Florida, you already know that the talent level is amazing. Football prospects that many have forgotten about in the past few months, have started to make headlines.

No matter what game we attend here in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, we come away with athletes that are starting to jump On The Radar, and with our help, they have been evaluated, promoted and given exposure that many do not get the chance in their respective careers.

While 4- and 5-star athletes seem to get everyone writing and breaking them down, our objective to promote every football prospect in South Florida - and beyond. Just because an athlete, may not play for a Miami, FSU, Florida or Alabama, we still want to make sure that football player, who works as hard as the rest, get the same attention.

As we do every week during the year, we release more football talent that has a chance to be special. Here are six more, adding to the over 1,000 football players we bring you every year.

2017 – Rommeo Brown, RB, 5-11, 180, Hialeah: One of the most underrated backs around. We had the chance to watch this quality football player the past two seasons at nearby Hialeah-Miami Lakes and we were blown away with his speed, strength and ability to run the ball and give his team a chance to win games. He is the kind of back that needs to get 20 carries a game. His running style is one that wears down the opponents and makes him a major threat every time he gets his hands on the ball. As the T-Breds continue to push for a playoff spot, Brown will be one of the players who carry them.

2017 – George Golden IV, RB/Slot, 5-8, 170, Fort Lauderdale Dillard: Here is another football player who has been around and has picked up valuable experience by playing this game at a high level. While he is a very productive running back, many who have watched him perform believe that this is someone who would be great at the slot position at the next level. Golden is quick and very effective in space. In addition, he has very good hands, and the thought of matching him up against a linebacker or even a safety is something that will always work in his favor. This young man knows a lot about this game.

2017 – Keaundre Roberts, LB, 5-10, 200, Miami Norland: On a team that has played defense throughout the years as well as anyone, here is a talented prospect that we have had the chance to watch a number of times. And with his tackling ability and work ethic, there is no telling how far this talented prospect will go. Roberts' ability to chase down running backs and make those plays that ignite his team is something that college coaches have already started to take notice of. As he began the season quickly, with solid games in the first month, keep an eye on his progress down the stretch - when the competition level continues to get tougher and more challenging.

2018 – Anthony Schwartz, WR/CB, 6-0, 175, Plantation American Heritage: One of the fastest players in the state - Schwartz has made a splash here in his junior year. With a number of top receivers graduated, this was the season that this quality talent started to show that while he has blazing speed, his talent on the football field is something to watch as well. With two years left, here is a young man who has a great opportunity to continue turning heads. In addition, the chance to work against one of the nation's top high school secondaries is also something that has elevated his game. Another talented young man to keep your eye on.

2018 – Logan Shooster, QB, 5-10, 165, Coconut Creek North Broward Prep: In an area like South Florida, it is so easy to overlook quality football talent. This is one of those impressive prospects that gets no attention at all, and that is a mistake. Watch Shooster play, and his leadership and skill level are impressive. He gets the ball out and distributes as well as anyone we have watched. Landed in a perfect program that teaches and exposes its players to a very competitive level of competition. Super receivers and outstanding coaching have made a difference with this talented football player. While he started to get some exposure this year, you can guarantee that over the next two season, colleges will see exactly what he has to offer - which is plenty.

2018 – Taurrian Stafford, OL, 6-4, 290, Miami Central: Every year as the Rockets graduate huge lineman who makes a major impact, they have been very fortunate to bring in others who learn and get ready to do what they have done for the past decade. Here is a very impressive junior who has tremendous feet and improving strength. Surrounded by other gifted linemen, Stafford is indeed one of those players who will continue to mature and fit right in with what this program does so well.


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