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National Recovery Month: 5 Tips For Preparing For A Rehabilitation Program

Regardless of the exact substance, addiction is a disease that causes both psychological and physical dependence. Quitting 'cold turkey' is not only incredibly difficult; it can be dangerous and possibly deadly. The safest method of detoxification and substance abuse recovery is through a certified and reputable rehabilitation center.

So you're ready to make that step and find sobriety, maybe for the first time in years. Now what? Here are 5 tips for preparing for a rehabilitation program that will help ensure your success.

  1. Do your research on the facility
Rehab facitlity
(Source: Harbor Village Detox and Treatment Center)

The decision to enroll in a rehab facility is major. It probably came after months of consideration or maybe after a close-call with death. Regardless of the catalyst that leads you here, you've made the right decision. Now comes the time to decide what rehab center you should entrust with your recovery and possibly your life. When researching facilities, the first and most important thing to look for is the accreditation and licensing rehab centers have. If this information is not readily available, consider it is a red flag for a possibly shady establishment. Make sure you read any reviews available not only on their website but any mentions in the news or industry forums. Know the reputation of the establishment before you even make contact with a recruiter.

  1. Research the methods used at the facility

Knowing what you're in for before you begin treatment can help you achieve your sobriety goals. What kind of medication does the rehab center offer to help ease the symptoms of withdrawal? What are your therapy options? Is the facility strictly inpatient or do they have an outpatient program? What kind of accommodations do they afford their clients? Do they offer additional assistance following completion of your program? These are all things to consider when choosing a rehabilitation facility.

  1. Pack your favorite books, most comfortable clothes, and a journal
rehab reading
(Source: Harbor Village Detox and Treatment Center)

If you are participating in inpatient rehabilitation treatment for your substance abuse disorder, odds are you will be away from home for some time. Bringing some personal items like your favorite books, a few photos of your family as inspiration, and your favorite, most comfortable clothes will help ease you into your new environment as well as help you through the difficult times. Chronicling and journaling your journey to revisit during temptation or when celebrating sobriety milestones is a good way to keep yourself in check. Make sure whatever you bring with you is approved by the facility first.

  1. Prepare to cry

Addiction and substance abuse often stem from deep-rooted emotional traumas. They may also be coupled with mental disorders. A proper rehabilitation program will not only purge your body of the toxins it has become dependent of, but also address the underlying issues leading you to drug or alcohol abuse. Things will get dark and go to places within you that you have avoided looking too closely into- you will cry. Be open to it; it's cathartic and therapeutic and releases the pain you have held onto for too long.

  1. Set your goals from post-recovery life 
post recovery life
(Source: Harbor Village Detox and Treatment Center)

One of the best ways to motivate yourself to commit to a rehabilitation program is to imagine your life with sobriety. Setting goals for yourself gives you something to focus on and work toward. Rather the goal is to start a business, get back into school, or simply find a stable home, having something to look forward to will help you get through the hard times. Communicate these goals to your supporters and the staff of the rehab center so they can help you stay on track to reaching your dreams. Sometimes simply speaking your goals aloud makes them seem tangible and can motivate you even further.

Above content is provided by Harbor Village Detox & Treatment Center.


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