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Relatives Say Man Accused Of Killing His Two Children In Miami Lakes Wasn't Taking His Bipolar Meds

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The mother of Humberto Tovar, the man police said killed his children before turning the gun on himself, is revealing a terrible incident from his childhood, a lifelong battle and a fear that haunted her.

In a matter of moments Tuesday night, Luz Kuznitz lost her son, grandson and granddaughter.

"I'll never forget my grandchildren. They were wonderful," she said.

Kuznitz said her son Humberto Tovar was bipolar most of his life. He even tried killing himself when he was just nine years old. Kuznitz admits she was worried.

"I said, 'Son, come. Look in my eyes. Are you capable of hurting the children? You love them. But are you capable of hurting them?' And he said, 'No, mom, never. I love my children,'" she recalled.

His two aunts spoke as well.

One said he stopped taking his medication. The other said he was depressed over his marriage falling apart.

Kuznitz said Tuesday night she spoke with her grandchildren and son about an hour before the tragedy.

She said the kids told her they had dinner together.

She said she told her son that it was just about 9 p.m. and he should take the children back to their mom to avoid any more disagreements with her.

Kuznitz said her son said he was about to take them home.

He didn't.

Next to the water in Miami Lakes, on Miami Lakes Drive, police say he shot his 12-year-old daughter Baleria and 9-year-old son Matias.

Then, he shot himself.

All three died on the scene.

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