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Miami Children's Cranial Panel Reinventing Patient Exams

MIAMI (CBS4) - Parents with children in need of a number of medical specialists often have to make dozens of appointment and sometime wait for just as many referrals.

But a special program at Miami Children's Hospital is changing the way young patients are examined.

It takes place on Tuesday nights at the hospital. As many as a dozen specialists visit the children in a round-robin setting and they collaborate on what they find.

CBS4's Cynthia Demos sat in on 10 year old Tyler Court's visit.  He stayed in the same chair in a room with his parents and was visited by cranial and facial specialists, one after the other.

Court was born with a cleft lip and palate, and is looking forward to meeting with Dr. Anthony Wolf.

"Dr. Wolf, he's the man.  He has to do something, it has to be perfect for him," Court said.

After a thorough exam and a look at how the previous 5 surgeries are shaping up, Dr. Wolf makes his decision and it starts with a high-five.  "He's done," said Dr. Wolf. "He no longer needs anymore surgeries."

One visit, twelve doctors, and after years of making the rounds, a great review.  A relief for Tyler's parents.

Tyler is just one of dozens of kids getting checked out for the night.  As for the other kids who were visited by the doctors, the team of 12 will meet in a conference room and discuss what's next for them.

The process to be repeated the next Tuesday night and each one thereafter.

The program is free for the patients.

However, if more attention is needed the doctors will book a regular appointment for the patient for a more in depth exam.


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