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Police: Man Detained During Pre-Dawn Federal Raid Killed In Officer-Involved Shooting After Grabbing Gun

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Law enforcement from multiple agencies is investigating a deadly police-involved shooting at a southwest Miami-Dade home where federal authorities launched an early morning raid and detained two people, one of whom was shot and killed hours later after managing to get hold a gun, according to investigators.

The chain of events started early Thursday morning when Homeland Security and the US Marshals Office were executing a search warrant with Miami-Dade Police there to support the operation, stated Miami-Dade Police Spokesman Alvaro Zabaleta.

Federal Raid
Federal agents with guns drawn during an early morning raid in Southwest Miami-Dade. (CBS4)

Federal agents were seen pounding on the door of the home, with long guns drawn, as they made entry.

Zabaleta said a Latin male, 53 years old, was taken into custody and handcuffed. Later, he complained he wasn't feeling well.

"Sometime during the investigation, the subject, began to feel ill," said Zabaleta. "That's when officers summoned for rescue to respond so he can get medically evaluated. And while he was getting medically evaluated, the subject, somehow, was able to arm himself."

WATCH: Miami-Dade Police Spokesman Alvaro Zabaleta provides update


According to a senior law enforcement source familiar with the investigation, the man was uncuffed and placed on a couch in the living room to be examined by the paramedics. Unknown to the officers, there was a gun apparently hidden between the couch cushions. The man allegedly grabbed the gun and a Miami-Dade police officer shot him.

"Thankfully, none of the officers were hurt and none of the agents were hurt," stated Zabaleta. "And of course, the firefighters that were also nearby did not receive any injuries."

Steadman Stahl, the president of the South Florida PBA, told CBS4's Peter D'Oench, "This man left the officers no choice but to discharge his gun and unfortunately the subject is no longer with us. It just goes to reinforce the fact that you don't know what is facing you when you get behind a door. Why anyone would try to shoot at police is beyond me. I will never understand that. Here they were serving a lawful police warrant and the subject chose not to surrender."

D'Oench also spoke with the daughter of the 53-year-old man who was shot. She said his name was Hector. The daughter, who said her name was Jessica, shed tears as she said, "My father meant everything to us. He was a great man. He was a great man. He had a heart of gold. I don't believe what they have told me. I just want questions answered."

A CBS News Miami crew witnessed Miami-Dade Fire Rescue personnel running for cover as shots were fired.

Zabaleta also confirmed the subject was a "wanted individual."

Neighbors who witnessed the commotion were a little freaked out.

"Just scared. I didn't know if there was going to a shootout or not.  I have two young kids, so I didn't know if things were going to escalate to something worse. Of course, I was scared. My kids sleep towards the back.  We're the ones who sleep near the window in the front," said a neighbor.

CBS News Miami has learned the couple has rented the home for about two years. One neighbor said the couple was nice enough and always waved to say hello.

Neighbor Luis Mila said, "It is a concern to me because you really don't know who your neighbors are. They were reclusive. I didn't see them very much."

There hasn't been any trouble in the time they've lived there, neighbors said.

The man's identity has not been released. Neither has the reason for the warrant.

Late Thursday night, it appeared a body was removed from the scene of the raid.

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