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Man Claims Discrimination At Starbucks Because He Voted For Trump

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A man caught on camera unleashing a nasty tirade on a Starbucks employee said he did it because it took too long for her to make his coffee.

Jennifer Santos, the barista who was yelled at, told CBS4's Peter D'Oench, "I feel very upset, very upset. How else should I feel? I am upset by his comments. God bless him, but what hurts me the most are those racial comments."

It happened Wednesday at coffee chain's storefront near the University of Miami.

Attorney Jorge de Cardenas took video on his phone and posted it on Twitter.

"I saw the man chanting 'Trump, Trump' even though the barista never said anything politics to get him stirred up that way," he said. "There have been a number of incidents going on even before Trump was elected and I think it is intolerable behavior. A Trump victory should not rubber stamp that type of behavior. I think to treat any woman or anyone that way is not acceptable."

Part of the exchange between David Sanguesa and employees in the crowded restaurant was caught on the cellphone video.

At one point, Sanguesa calls the woman "garbage" and "trash." He then tells her that he voted for Donald Trump to which she replies "so what." He then demands his money back and is given it.

"You're trash," says Sanguesa. "Because I voted for Trump, you lost. Now give me my money back. She did discrimination against whites."

A customer tried to intervene, telling Sanguesa that he can't talk to people like that. The two then got into an argument until Sanguesa stormed out of the restaurant in disgust.

"I'm going to punch you out," Sanguesa said.

The customer replied, "Want to step out, fine. I'll be happy to."

Coral Gables police spokeswoman Kelly Denham told CBS4 that her department is not investigating because no crime was committed.

Sanguesa claims the woman deliberately took a long time to make his order because he is white and voted for Trump.

"I was not served coffee and they said names, and I was called names from college kids, horrible names and I got upset, and I was wrong for getting upset," said Sanguesa. "But I didn't deserve that discrimination or racism because of who I voted for.

"I was with a group of people and then a broker said you are being discriminated against because you are affiliated with Donald Trump. I have apologized. I should have walked away but I just wanted my coffee" he said. "The problem is that you are not seeing the first 20 minutes or so on the video while we were not being served. I have spoken with Starbucks management and they have told me you are supposed to be served in the first minute. We voted for Trump and we are Trump supporters and the female behind the counter did not like that."

D'Oench asked Santos if there was a delay in serving Sanguesa and she said, "I was not like that."

Records show Sanguesa has been arrested before for DUI, tampering with a witness and unlawful restraint.

He is a South Miami developer and home builder who says his business has already been hurt by the video that has gone viral through Twitter.

"I have already lost one job because of this," he said.

Sanguesa did not say why he thought his race or voting choice offended the woman.

On the cellphone video, you don't hear anyone call Sanguesa names.

In response to the cell phone video, which was posted online, Starbucks issued the following statement:

"Embracing diversity and treating each other with respect and dignity is core to Starbucks values and something our partners take great pride in showing. We are committed to providing an inclusive, supportive and safe work environment for everyone."

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