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Hooks With Hidden Cameras Found In Florida Keys Restrooms

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A number of public restrooms in the Florida Keys got a little too public.

The Monroe County Sheriff department says someone has been putting up hidden cameras in women's bathrooms that look like a coat or purse hook.

A total of three hooks with cameras, in three different locations, have been found so far in the upper Keys.

"Our public works department down in the Keys was doing a check of Anne's Beach, there's a male and female bathroom there, and when they were checking it they found a device mounted on the wall in a stall," said Lt. Alberto Ramirez with the Monroe County Sheriff Department.

Investigators then found another hidden camera at a Circle K store at the 99 mile marker. That's when they put out a warning to local businesses, and asked the parks department to check all park bathrooms and stalls.

"And then today, we located another one at Harry Harris Park which is also about the 92 mile marker," said Ramirez.

Taylor Orinstein says she grew up going to these parks and hidden cameras are the last thing she'd expect to have to worry about.

"I think it's disgusting how anyone would even want to have a hook inside a bathroom door," she said.

Ramirez says the sheriff's department is hoping to get enough evidence off the cameras to catch the person who put them up.

"Our major crimes unit has assigned a female detective to look at the videos and try to identify the victims and also look at any other evidence that we can use against the suspect," he said.

Investigators are urging businesses to keep a close eye on their bathroom stalls and report anything that looks strange.

"If you see a hook in the bathroom, it might not be at eye level, it might be a little lower. Something that just doesn't look right, just call us and we'll look at it," said Ramirez.

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