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'Help Us Save US' or HUSH tackles mental health issues in Black community

'Help Us Save US' or HUSH tackles mental health issues in Black community
Documentary 'Help Us Say Help' tackles mental health issues in Black community 02:30

NORTH MIAMI - Dozens watched a new documentary that tackles a burning issue hushed in some communities of North Miami. 

Some see emotional and psychological pain managed in ways leaving people to suffer.  So, city leaders rolled out its red carpet and welcomed anyone interested to see a movie premiere then join what they hoped to be a culture changing discussion.

The film is called "HUSH - Help Us Say Help." However, the man behind it hardly wants silence about stigmas stinging black and Haitian cultures: pressure to battle emotional and psychological struggle without professional help.  Growing up in Liberty City, felt pushed into being "a statistic, dead-beat father, all the stereotypes."

"It told me that's who I'm supposed to be," he added.

Writing brought relief, inspired his documentary and perhaps a red carpet turn around in North Miami.

"In other communities they say all the time I'm going to talk to my therapist," North Miami Vice Mayor Mary Estime-Irvin said.  "It's normal.  But in our community it's a bad thing."

She sees it in her own family, the vice mayor said.  She also noticed enough mental illness straining police resources that it begged for solutions.

So with two therapist in the room to offer anyone free guidance, city leaders opened the Galvin Community Center for a film premiere.  Dozens watched Lindsey's documentary then spent an hour listening to one another and encouraging those hurting inside to shrug off nothing more than stigma.

"We hope that the Haitian community can actually see that there is support available here and that there are people available to assist them with whatever issues they may be going through."

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