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FIU partnering up with multiple police agencies for active shooter training

FIU teams up with multiple police agencies for practice active shooter drills
FIU teams up with multiple police agencies for practice active shooter drills 01:40

MIAMI – Florida International University is partnering up with multiple police agencies, working together to practice active shooter training.

On Tuesday, they went through two scenarios at their North Campus inside the Glenn Hubert Library.  Dozens of employees signed up to be involved in the training.

In today's world, they told CBS4, their mentality is better safe than sorry.  They'd rather have the skills than not have them.

"It's important to know how to help somebody in these situations and how to save a life," says Kayla Fisher, a community outreach specialist at FIU.

The training is intense, it's realistic and above all, it's important.

"The shots, the screaming, we train our officers don't wait – you respond right in there and neutralize the threat," says James Mesidor, a captain with the FIU Police Department.

FIU, the North Miami Police Department and Miami Dade's Priority Response Team teamed up to make sure they're ready for anything.

In this training, officers are told there is an active shooter in the library.

"Three priorities when it comes to an active shooter: stop the shooting - neutralize the threat, render aid - medical care and number three is rapid evacuation of injured victims," says Jose Ramirez, a sergeant with the FIU Police Department.

The training is open to all students and staff at FIU.

"Every time we have this active shooter training, I feel 100% protected and I know what to do in these scenarios," says Fisher.

Students and employees are taught how to render aid, to stick together and ultimately to run, hide and fight.

"Your initial reaction to an active shooter situation is to run.  If you have nowhere to run, you hide.  And at the last resort, your arm yourself and fight to save yourself," says Mesidor.

The multiagency approach is part of an FIU imitative to practice active shooter scenarios at all 110 of their buildings.

"This training is invaluable because not only can you use the tips and training, we are giving you here at FIU, you can use this when you're out doing your daily routines," explains Ramirez.

The next active shooter trainings at FIU will happen at their south campus.  If you're a student or employees at FIU, you can sign up by clicking here.

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