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Clinton: Trump's Toughness On Nukes 'Playing Into Kim Jong Un's Hands'

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WASHINGTON (CBSMiami) -- "This is playing into Kim Jong Un's hands," said former first lady Hillary Clinton, blasting President Donald Trump's approach to Iran and North Korea as poorly planned and irresponsible.

"The idea that he's going tit for tat with the American president, who is tweeting against him and calling him names, that is catnip to this guy," Clinton continued.

In an interview with CNN, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee wondered why President Trump would seek "nuclear challenges" simultaneously on two fronts.

"And what we've done is to build (Kim Jong Un) up," Clinton said. "Give him more legitimacy than he deserves to have, given how his people are being treated. And I think that's a very shortsighted and dangerous route to take."

Clinton also called Trump's plans to upend Iran's nuclear agreement "very dangerous." The deal, which began negotiations during Clinton's time as Secretary of State and concluded when John Kerry took office under President Obama, prevents Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

Trump has long criticized the deal and promised to stop it during his campaign for president.

He believes the deal was always one-sided.


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