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Chihuahua Found Shot Needs Life-Saving Surgery

HIALEAH (CBSMiami) - A small Chihuahua is in pain after being shot.

It's unclear how the pup ended up getting shot or who the owner is, but one thing is certain, surgery is a matter of life and death.

"As you can see, he is in pain and very, very depressed," said Mertha Garcia. "He's very sad, he's shaking, it's heartbreaking anyone could do this to a sweet dog."

Garcia said she often searches the animal shelter for Chihuahuas so she can help them.

Thursday, she came across a little pup she calls Timmy.

"When Luis asked me to go to the back and saw little Timmy and had no idea he was shot with a bullet," she said.

Garcia thought Timmy was injured, but not to the extent of being shot.

"Never did I think this would be a bullet," added Garcia.  "Never did I come across that before."

Garcia had him taken to Diaz' Heart Animal Hospital where Dr. Jose Diaz immediately took an x-ray.

"Fragment of bullet inside the bone and muscle," said Dr. Diaz. "The dog was limping here and very depressed cause he was in pain."

Dr. Diaz said after surgery Timmy will recover for 10 days, but the surgery cost $3,000 dollars. Garcia is now desperately trying to pay for the surgery.

"This dog really needs surgery otherwise he'll have to be put down," Garcia explained.

If the owner of the dog doesn't come forward, when the dog recovers, it will be adopted to a new family.

To help, you can contact Dr. Jose Diaz at (305) 824-0500, email him at or click here.

Click here for more info on Timmy the Chihuahua.

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