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CBS4 Nat Moore Trophy: Talking Top Teams With High School Recruiting Analyst Larry Blustein

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Time is running out to submit your nominations for the inaugural CBS4 Nat Moore Trophy, which recognizes the top high school football player in South Florida.

There is nobody in South Florida who knows more about high school football than high school recruiting analyst Larry Blustein from the South Florida High School Football Show on 560 WQAM.

Blustein recently joined CBS4's Jim Berry to talk about the top teams across South Florida.


"I gotta go back to last Thursday, we had highlights of this game on the air, what a shootout it was between Palmetto and South Dade. Opening kick run back for a score and they just never stopped scoring after that," Berry said.

"Those are two teams, Jim, that hadn't given up many points. Palmetto went three straight games without giving up a point, 28 quarters without giving a defensive point. South Dade was the same way. It's the reason why I'm still tired now!" Blustein followed up. "Two classic teams, but what it did was put Palmetto in the driver seat all the way to state, perhaps. They're the No. 1 seed now, they'll host the entire way. Great football program."

Palmetto went on to beat South Dade 46-42 in that never-ending match.


"Gulliver Prep a surprisingly, or should we be surprised that they're 9-0 and a powerhouse again? They have some great talent on there and a name folks are familiar with," Berry said.

"What a program this team has turned out. Every game they have answered the challenge. Earl Sims has done a super job. Plenty of talent aboard, they have a shot. Sean Taylor, Gabe Talyor, now," Blustein said. "This is a program you gotta watch out for. At the beginning of the year everybody gave saying Booker T. and Gibbons, who knows how to get there, and suddenly Gulliver is the No. 1 seed."


"A powerhouse that you always have to watch out for in Broward: St. Thomas. Same story again this year," Berry said.

"Well, no doubt. I say best defense in the state, perhaps one of the best in the country. They've already proven it. Shutdown Deerfield Beach. Went out to California, shutdown Concord De La Salle," Blustein said. "Take a look at one of the top guys for the Nat Moore Trophy on that team: Derek Wingo. What a year he is having. Four sacks against Deerfield, 19 on the year. Certainly a kid who is gonna make a lot of noise down the stretch."


"Maybe the most heartwarming story of all: Marjory Stoneman Douglas, undefeated, 8-0. I remember back in the spring their head coach Willis May resigned. He was too grief stricken to go on, he said, because he missed Chris Hickson and Aaron Feis so much. But their new coach comes in and they're balling," Berry said.

"This has been a great story. They've rallied in almost every game they've played," Blustein said. "It's the story of the year. Coach Short has done a great job. They're gonna be in the playoffs, they're a top four seeded team."

Click here if you'd like to submit a nomination for the inaugural CBS4 Nat Moore Trophy.

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