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Balloons honor teen murdered at Best Buy near Sawgrass Mills Mall, dad speaks out for first time

Balloons honor teen murdered at Best Buy near Sawgrass Mills Mall, dad speaks out for first time
Balloons honor teen murdered at Best Buy near Sawgrass Mills Mall, dad speaks out for first time 02:49

POMPANO BEACH -- Loved ones, friends, fellow students and educators released balloons on Tuesday in Pompano Beach for a teenager who was gunned down last weekend and his father spoke out about the crime for the first time.

There were emotional moments at Mitchell Moore Park as dozens of balloons were released into the sky as the teenager's mother and father were among the loved ones who watched.

Terrance Farrington's 17-year-old son Terrance Farrington Jr. Was shot and killed around 8 Saturday night when Plantation police say he and three other people were leaving a Best Buy store near the Sawgrass Mills Mall and another group opened fire in a parking lot. Farrington and a person he was with were shot along with two uninvolved bystanders and the suspects fled.

The victim's father told CBS News Miami's Peter D'Oench, "I a[[reciate everyone coming out today. He was a loved kid. He was full of life. He was full of life. He meant everything to the family. I could not believe this happened. My message is to put your guns down. Love your parents and put your guns down. He had dreams. He wanted to cut hair and go to barber school."

Farrington said he had spoken to Plantation police.

"They are not really saying much right now," he said. "They are doing their job. They are working and trying to get justice."

"If you know anything, come forward. You could be in the same spot I am right now. Please come forward. If you know anything, just let us know."

The teenager was a star football player and a junior at the Youth Under Construction High School in Pompano Beach.

His football coach, Debarris James, said "He was true student athlete. He was motivated by football and his mind set was to come to school to get things done. He excelled and he was an A-B student on the honor role. He was a proven leader and was a junior who showed signs of being a senior. He helped seniors. We are hoping this was a case of mistaken identity. He was a student who had changed his ways."

The teenager's fellow students said they were deeply saddened by Farrington's death.

Eighth-grader King Green said, "There are too many people dying at a young age." 8th grader Chandrick Campbell said, "I had someone who died recently and I know how it feels."

Plantation police have not released any new information so it is not known if they have identified any suspects or have information on a getaway car or a motive in this case.

Police said they were working "around the clock" to solve this case.

Anyone with information that can help should call Broward Crime Stoppers at (954) 493-TIPS (8477).

There is a reward of up to $5,000.

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