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Ask A South Florida Expert: How To Take Better Pictures With Your Phone

In honor of National Photography Month, Miami-based wedding and portrait photographer, Jan Freire, shares his photography expertise to be applied to the everyday smartphone. Knowing how to take great photos with a mobile phone is a perfect skill to take up these days as cameras on phones become better and better, and the popularity of amateur hobbyist photography grows more and more. Freire explains that his favorite camera is actually his iPhone, although he most certainly works with professional cameras and gear on the job. "The iPhone camera takes completely different pictures than professional cameras, it captures light differently. If any of my clients asks me what equipment I use, my answer is always the same. It's not about the camera, I can show you guys taking better pictures with their iPhones than 90 percent of professional photographers," Freire said.
Jan Freire
Freire Photography
2001 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami, FL 33137
(954) 604-7669
www.freirephotography.comJan Freire has worked as a professional photographer in the focuses of weddings, fashion and celebrities since 1990. The popular South Florida photographer offers his services to clientele in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach Counties in addition to the Florida Keys, Key West, Naples, Florida on the west coast of the state, and New York City. Jan Freire and his team work hard to keep clients satisfied with their work in areas that include fashion editorials, luxury real estate, engagement sessions, weddings and events, professional headshots, beauty portraits, food photography and more. Known for his exacting, beautiful and visually-arresting work, Jan Freire is as highly regarded for his warm, friendly and outgoing personality as he is for his stunning photos. Clients return to Freire over and over again for his professional work in addition to the warm and comfortable atmosphere he creates on photoshoots to give everyone a dose of positive energy, which only improves the results of his efforts.
Getting A Better Camera Won't Make You A Better PhotographerAny iPhone, or other quality smartphone, is good enough for creating great photography.
Use Your Smartphone Like A Professional CameraIf you only use your smartphone to take quick snapshots, you'll never get anything else out of it. Use your smartphone exactly the way you use your professional camera.
Photography Is All About LightPhotography is all about light, so the better you understand light, the better photographer you will become. Become an observer of natural light.
Distress With Coffee Grinds And A GraterFor lovers of vintage clothing and vintage-inspired looks, coffee is a great solution. Staining denim in strategic sections with coffee grinds allows them to get that great antiqued look that many expensive designer labels like to offer. The small abrasions that come with years of natural wear and tear to jeans may be added instantly with a grater (even a cheese grater may do). The end result is an impressive pair of jeans with an antiqued, vintage look.

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Always Take A Few Seconds And Pause Before Taking A ShotIs this really the best angle and the best composition, or should you try something else instead? To make a photo really stand out, you have to think about the angle from which it is taken.
Often The Easiest Way To Improve A Photo Is To Simply Change The AngleThe bottom line is that changing the angle beyond the obvious will always make your photos more interesting and open up an entirely new world of creativity for you.

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Chanoa Chen is a Fashion Merchandiser, Freelance Writer and Blogger. Chanoa has contributed stories to top firms including QVC Insider Germany and regularly contributes to CBS Local Miami and She may be reached via:
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