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Broward inspectors responding to calls ahead of mosquito season

Broward inspectors responding to calls ahead of mosquito season
Broward inspectors responding to calls ahead of mosquito season 02:22

MIAMI - Broward Mosquito Control spent Tuesday afternoon mixing up a batch of larvicide. They're getting ready to spray it Tuesday night in Hollywood. 

Sarah Mizhiz lives in the neighborhood that will get sprayed. It's in East Hollywood in the Young Circle area. 

She notices the biggest problem at night. "I see the mosquito, all the time," Mizhiz said. "Especially when I turn on the light outside. That's crazy, something like 100," she said.

Anh Ton is head of Broward Mosquito Control. He said some of their treatments last up to 3 months, which helps as we approach mosquito season. 

"We're trying to stay ahead of the game by identifying local hot spots and treating them right now so it doesn't develop into a problem as we go into the summer wet season," he said.

Inspectors are out responding to homeowner calls of heavy mosquito activity.

They treat those areas hoping to stop mosquitos from breeding. That's especially important as Ton explains what could be an issue this summer.

"The big concern right now is for Dengue. Right now Dengue has been endemic in many countries in South America. It is a big problem In Puerto Rico right now," he said.

Jim Baldwin does what he can to control mosquitos at his Fort Lauderdale home, like replacing mulch with rocks to reduce areas that retain water. 

He gets rid of their breeding ground, he said while showing us his sideyard. "Here on the side yard, this was landscaped.  On the left side, we capped the sprinklers, put down black sparkle granite and I have no mosquitos there" he said. 

If you're finding lots of mosquitos in your area you can contact mosquito control in Miami-Dade and Broward.  

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