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Best TV and internet bundles: Save on the services you want

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Finding the best home internet and TV provider can be tough. But no matter where you live -- or where you're moving -- bundling multiple services is a great way to score the best deals. Most providers offer top-dollar savings when you bundle internet, TV, cell phone service, phone, and even home security. Adding premium cable channels to a basic TV package can also net you some great discounts if you want to get the most out of your service. It's never a bad idea to get online for less, after all. 

But bundling does come with a few drawbacks. You might need to agree to a one- to three-year contract to get the rock bottom pricing you're looking for. Check out the internet speeds your prospective provider offers. Find out what equipment (modems, routers, set-top boxes, etc) you'll need to rent or buy, and make sure your electronics (laptop and desktop computers, for starters) are compatible with the Wi-Fi options. 

Look through the available TV channels from each provider's lineup to make sure all your must-have channels are included. And be sure to learn which technology each provider uses to deliver service, whether it's cable, fiber optics, 5G cellular for your smartphone, or satellite. And of course, pay close attention to your monthly bill and the taxes and surcharges you'll owe, so you don't get sticker shock. 

You might balk at having to add an extra phone line or cable channel to your account, especially if you don't use it. But there can be big benefits. These decisions can unlock additional savings. The name of the game is maximizing discounts, even if it means adding some unused services to the mix. 

Explore the best TV and internet service bundles

Not all of these TV and internet service providers operate nationally, and all offer a variety of plans, so we've listed them in alphabetical order. (If you've seen another shopping guide that recommends a "top" bundle, beware: The top pick is likely based on the commission the publisher is getting from the service.)

Be sure to check the availability supported by each provider.

AT&T & DirecTV


Services Offered: TV, Internet, Home Phone Service, Cellular | Starting Price: $125/month | Max. Internet Speed: 300Mbps (upgradable) | TV Channels/Networks: 165+ (upgradable) | Technology Used: Fiber Optics / Satellite | Added Features: Sign up for AT&T fiber with DirecTV online for a reward card of up to $150

AT&T owns DirecTV, so it can bundle discounted packages of its fiber optic internet with DirecTV satellite TV service. Adding AT&T phone or wireless service can net you even bigger savings. 

The basic TV and Internet bundle includes 300Mbps speeds, upgradable for a fee. AT&T bundles allow you to get DirecTV via satellite dish or over the internet. Both internet speeds and TV channel lineups can be upgraded.

Bundling AT&T fiber home internet with DirecTV satellite service, plus optionally phone and wireless, will net you discounts. Customers can choose satellite dish or internet-based TV, with ability to upgrade internet speeds and channel lineups for an additional cost. 

Right now, you can receive up to $150 in reward cards when you choose an AT&T bundle online. 

Cox Communications


Services Offered: TV, Internet, Home Phone Service, Cellular, Home Security | Starting Price: $50/month | Max. Internet Speed: 2Gbps (download) / 100Mbps (upload) | TV Channels/Networks: 75+ (upgradable) | Technology Used: Fiber Optics + coax cable | Added Features: Required rental equipment (including a Wi-Fi router) is part of the bundle, plans can be customized, additional discounts offered if you also add Cox Home Life and/or home phone service to your bundle.

Cox offers a variety of internet plans, with download speeds ranging from 100Mbps to up to 2 Gbps. Plus you can get a TV lineup with more than 140 channels. While the lower-priced plans have no long-term commitment, the higher-tier plans with the best offerings have a minimum one year commitment. All plans can be adjusted at any time, and there's a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The best deals are available if you create a custom bundle that includes internet, TV and one or more of Cox Communications' other services, such as cellular, home phone or home security. It's important to note that, in some areas where Cox is not available, you will be directed to a similar provider. For instance, when pricing out areas in Kentucky, we were redirected to subscribe to Spectrum for a comparable price. 

Dish TV


Services Offered: Satellite TV | Starting Price: $85/month | Max. Internet Speed: N/A | TV Channels/Networks: 190+ (upgradable) | Technology Used: Satellite and Streaming | Added Features: Dish partners with internet service providers around the USA to offer TV and internet bundles that can save you money, plus switching to Dish service can net customers a $100 gift card.

Dish is a satellite TV service that offers four channel lineups, ranging in price from $85/month to $115/month. All offer local, live TV channels, cable TV channels, and access to between 28,000 and 35,000 free, on-demand movies and shows. All programming tiers include a three-year price guarantee and a smart DVR that lets you record up to 2,000 hours of programming. You also get free equipment installation.

Dish offers discounts to people age 55 and up; military personnel; first responders and healthcare workers. 

What about internet, you ask? Well, Dish has partnerships with providers around the country including AT&T and others. Based on the type of connectivity and connection speed you choose, a bundle may be offered when you go through Dish for internet service. Depending on where you live, adding internet service will cost as little as $40/month. Right now, if you switch to Dish service, you may be eligible for a $100 gift card.



Services Offered: Internet, TV, Home Phone Service | Starting Price: $45/month (Internet), YouTubeTV ($58/month with discount) | Max. Internet Speed: 5Gbps | TV Channels/Networks: 100+ (via YouTubeTV) | Technology Used: Fiber Optics | Added Features: Expert installation ($100 value) included with Fiber 500, 1GB, and 5GB plans for a limited time.

Where it's available, for $45/month, Frontier offers fiber optic-based internet service with a starting speed of 500Mpbs -- with a router included. For a bit more per month, upgrade your internet speed to 1GB ($65/month), 2GB ($100/month) or 5GB ($155/month). There's no long-term commitment. For live and streaming TV channels, Frontier offers a discounted subscription to YouTubeTV that allows you to save up to $120 per year and stream your favorite programming to your TV, computers and mobile devices. Frontier offers even more savings if you sign up for autopay.

You also can get affordable fiber optic access and the ability to save money each month on a YouTubeTV subscription. Most families with average internet needs will benefit more from the Fiber 1 Gig plan, as opposed to the slower Fiber 500 plan.

Google Fiber/YouTubeTV


Services Offered: Internet, TV | Starting Price: $70/month | Max. Internet Speed: Up to 8GB, depending on the plan | TV Channels/Networks: 100+ | Technology Used: Fiber Optics | Added Features: YouTubeTV currently offers $15 off the first three months for new subscribers, a total of $45 in savings.

Only available in about 33 U.S. cities (but expanding), Fiber is Google's own network that delivers high-speed internet starting at $70/month for speeds up to 1GB. Three other plans, ranging from $100 to $150 per month, offer internet speeds up to 2GB, 5GB and 8GB, respectively. All plans include 1TB of cloud storage and a Nest Wi-Fi Pro modem. Some of the higher-speed plans also include one or two mesh extenders.

While bundles are sometimes offered, once you subscribe to Google Fiber, you're also able to subscribe to YouTubeTV's base plan, which lets you stream more than 100 TV channels for about $73/month. With Google Fiber, there are no data caps, and neither Google Fiber or YouTubeTV require a long-term contract. Using a Chromecast streaming stick, no separate set-top box is required to stream TV channels and networks. The same TV service is also available at no extra cost on all of your computers and mobile devices.

Unfortunately, Google Fiber is only available in a handful of cities so far, but where it's available, the slowest connection speed offered -- up to 1GB -- by Google Fiber is considerably faster than the basic service offered by competitors. Also, if you have a smart TV, YouTubeTV does not require a set top box. Plus, you can access all programming via your smartphone, tablet or computer for no additional fees.



Services Offered: Internet, TV, Cellular | Starting Price: $30/month with bundled unlimited mobile plan | Max. Internet Speed: 1Gbps | TV Channels/Networks: 200+ | Technology Used: Cable (Fiber Optics in some areas) | Added Features: Equipment rental included, new customers can choose from select $200 value gifts by signing up for 1 Gig internet plans with free installation.

When you choose Optimum as your internet service provider, for an extra $40 per month, you can add a basic TV plan that includes more than 220 live channels. The TV plan can be upgraded to include more than 290 channels or more than 340 channels, including HBO. The plan can also be upgraded to offer a connectivity speed up to 1GB. Additional savings, up to $15/month, is offered on all internet and TV plans if you add Optimum cellular service.

The $30/month core internet plan requires you to use Optimum for your cellular service and commit to two years. Without bundling cellular service the monthly internet fee is $40 (also with a two-year commitment).

This provider offers either fiber optics or traditional coax cable connectivity, based on where you're located. The available bundle packages offer decent savings, especially if you're willing to switch your cellular service to Optimum.



Services Offered: Internet, TV, home phone service, cellular | Starting Price: $65/month | Max. Internet Speed: 30Mbps (download), 10Mbps (upload) for basic plan (upgradable) | TV Channels/Networks: 150+ | Technology Used: Cable | Added Features: Peacock network is included with most TV packages.

Starting at $65/month, Spectrum offers TV and internet bundles that include more than 150 live TV channels and internet speed up to 30Mbps (download) and 10Mpbs (upload). Both services rely on coax cable and include the rental of a modem and set top box. For an additional fee, you can expand your TV channel lineup or boost internet speed. As with all of the services in this roundup, Spectrum is only offered in specific areas throughout the country.

Depending on where you live, you may be eligible for the new SpectrumOne Stream service. This includes internet, mobile service and Spectrum TV for a discounted bundle price. The exact price you'll pay depends on where you live and the service options you choose. However, when you switch to SpectrumOne Stream, you could also be eligible for a $100 Visa Rewards card. 

Spectrum's pricing is in line with competitors around the country, but the basic speed is on the slow side. We recommend you upgrade for a better streaming and web surfing experience. Be sure to ask about custom service bundles to get the best deal on TV and internet.

Verizon Fios


Services Offered: TV, Internet, Home Phone Service | Starting Price: $85/month (Your Fios TV Bundle) | Max. Internet Speed: 300Mbps (with faster options available) | TV Channels/Networks: 125+ | Technology Used: Fiber Optics | Added Features: Includes one set top box rental, eligible new subscribers receive up to a $500 Verizon gift card

Verizon has gone all in using fiber optic technology to deliver high speed internet and TV service in select areas, as well as optional phone service. A variety of bundle packages are offered, ranging from $85/month to $129/month, with the higher-priced plans offering more TV channels and faster internet speed. 

For TV viewing, Fios offers two main options. You can choose the company's channel lineup, delivered via fiber optic cable and a set top box, or you can sign up for Fios internet and subscribe to a YouTubeTV plan, which includes more than 85 channels, also starting around $73/month.

In addition to offering affordable, lower-end TV and internet bundles that rely on fiber optics, you have access to a nice selection of internet speed and TV channel lineup options. 


Xfinity Comcast

Services Offered: TV, Internet, Home Phone Service, Cellular, Home Security | Starting Price: $70/month | Max. Internet Speed: 200Mbps (upgradable) | TV Channels/Networks: 10+ | Technology Used: Cable | Added Features: Peacock subscription included with most bundles

As one of the largest media conglomerates in the country, Comcast owns Xfinity, NBC, Universal Pictures and a wide range of other networks. So the company can offer cable TV packages bundled with internet service, starting at around $70 per month. This includes 10 TV channels and networks, plus an internet connection speed up to 200Mbps. Of course, a wide range of upgrade options are available, including TV packages offering 185+ channels and internet speeds up to 1,200Mbps. Additional savings are offered if you add phone service, cellular service or home security.

Xfinity tends to be a bit more expensive than competitors, but if you're willing to bundle internet, TV and a phone line, there are some great deals to be had. And if you upgrade to a higher internet speed, you'll enjoy fast and reliable performance. On the TV side, Xfinity offers a variety of channel lineups. We suggest skipping the entry-level plan and upgrading to one that offers more than 125 channels. 

Always ask for additional discounts just in case

For qualifying lower-income households, the Affordable Connectivity Program (under the FCC) guarantees a discount up to $30 per month on home internet service needed for work, school, healthcare or other essential purposes. Unfortunately, enrollment has officially been put on pause as of February 2024, with the last fully funded month set for April of this year without additional funding from Congress.

Also, be sure to ask the service provider about discounts for students, seniors or military personnel. College students can save up to $10 a month on select Verizon Fios internet plans, for example. 

"Cut the cord" and save big 

One popular, money-saving option is to acquire home internet service from a local provider and then, instead of bundling TV, seeking out a separate streaming service. Services like YouTubeTV, Hulu and SlingTV offer multiple, flat-rate streaming TV plans that include live channels and on-demand programming from popular networks. You also have the option of subscribing to individual channels and networks, like Netflix, Hulu, Paramount+ and Disney+, on an a la carte basis.

While these streaming services are available via smart TVs or mobile apps, for older TVs that are not "smart," you'll need a streaming device, such as Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, or Amazon Fire TV. Any of these devices plugs into the HDMI port of your TV and links with internet to provide streaming TV.

Can I save money bundling TV and internet services?

Almost always, the answer is yes. But you can typically save even more if you add home phone, cellular or another service. Bundling your services is almost always the best way to go, but be sure to ask about other discounts you may be entitled to.

What is fiber optic tech?

In short, it can offer much faster connectivity compared to traditional coax cable. It also tends to offer upwards of 99.9% network reliability. Most providers that use fiber optics have no limits on how much data a household can use each month.

What equipment will I need to buy or rent?

For home internet, you'll typically need a modem. If you want home Wi-Fi, you'll also need a quality internet router. In some cases, these two technologies can combined into the same device. While you can purchase your own modem and/or router, if you're not tech savvy, it's best to rent the equipment endorsed and supplied by your service provider. This ensures you'll have no setup and compatibility issues. Your service provider will also upgrade your equipment, as needed. 

For traditional cable TV, you'll also need a set-top box for each TV that will need cable access. Or, if you have a smart TV, you can subscribe to a cable service and then stream programming using that provider's app, or use the app for each network included in your TV plan. Again, we recommend renting the set top boxes you need from your service provider to ensure compatibility.

Is there a way to lower my TV and internet bill?

Often, you can lower your monthly bill, but you'll wind up sacrificing internet connectivity speed, or some TV channels. Keep in mind, you can also typically lower your bill by cutting premium channels like HBO. You can also reduce the number of set-top boxes you need with your cable TV plan and focus more on streaming using smart TVs. 

These days, there's no need to pay extra for a DVR, since almost all programming is also available on demand, so you can watch it whenever you want. Over the long-term, you can also save money if you buy your own modem or router. But when it comes time to upgrade, you'll need new equipment. If you rent from the service provider, you'll pay a monthly fee, but the equipment will be upgraded for no additional cost. 

Finally, if you hope to lower your monthly TV and internet bill, contact your provider and ask about new bundles and promotions that might not have been available when you first signed up. Also, don't be afraid to negotiate.

Is it better to subscribe to a cable, fiber optic, satellite TV or a streaming service?

It all depends on what you want to watch, where those shows are available and whether you want to watch those shows on your TV, versus other devices. These days, the line between traditional broadcast networks, cable networks, premium cable channels and streaming services has blurred. For example, when you subscribe to Paramount+ with Showtime, you also now get access to Showtime, plus all of the CBS shows and original Paramount+ shows and movies offered. 

Meanwhile, in addition to original programming, Hulu offers on-demand access to network TV shows and movies from NBC and Fox (and other networks owned by Disney). Peacock offers programming from NBC and NBC/Universal-owned cable networks, while Disney+ offers original programming, plus programming from ABC and multiple Disney-owned networks. Of course, each of these services has a separate monthly fee, so when you add them all together and throw Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and other popular streaming services into the mix, you could wind up paying more per month than traditional cable TV.

We recommend you figure out what you want to watch, where you want to watch it and what you're already paying for. Next, figure out what TV programming or streaming options make the most sense for you. And getting back to the concept that bundles can always save you money, several streaming services offer money-saving bundles. For example, The Disney Bundle includes Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ for $12.99 per month (with ads) or $19.99 per month (ad-free).

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