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Apple MacBooks are still on sale during the final hours of Amazon Prime Day 2024

Apple MacBooks are still on sale during the final hours of Amazon Prime Day 2024
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If you're looking to get a new MacBook laptop, there are plenty of great discounts going on right now during the final hours of Amazon Prime Day 2024. When it comes to Apple's premium notebook computers, you're going to get a great product, no matter which model you choose. 

Any of the laptops in this lineup can make for a handy, versatile and portable workstation. In fact, many people are using one of the latest MacBook Pro laptops to replace their desktop computer -- even when handling advanced tasks like photo or video editing, content creation, CAD, audio production or advanced graphic design work.

Check out our picks below to get some of the best deals on MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops available right now, while the Amazon Prime Day sale is still going on.

2024 13" MacBook Air with M3 processor: $899 ($200 off)

2024 13" MacBook Air with M3 processor

The new, 13-inch MacBook Air shares almost all the same specs and features as the larger 15-inch model, just in a more compact size. It's powered by Apple's latest M3 chip, which provides a performance boost for demanding tasks like photo editing or gaming. It's no slouch, even if it's the lightest MacBook you can currently get. 

The MacBook Air weighs just 2.5 pounds, so it offers the ultimate in portability. Its 13-inch Liquid Retina Display has a maximum brightness of 500 nits, but it also supports connecting up to two external monitors. Battery life is up to 18 hours on a single charge.

Right now, you can get this MacBook Air for $899, which is $200 off its usual price. It comes equipped with 8GB of unified memory and a 256GB SSD for internal storage.

Apple 2024 15" MacBook Air with M3 processor: $1,049 ($250 off)

Apple 2024 MacBook Air 15-inch Laptop with M3 chip

This version of the 15-inch MacBook Air also runs using Apple's M3 processor. It can can do everything the 13-inch model of the laptop can do, but provide you with more on-screen real estate to get your work done with greater efficiency. 

This particular MacBook Air is comes equipped with 8GB of unified memory and a 256GB SSD for internal storage. The 15-inch Liquid Retina Display is vibrant and able to showcase accurate colors and smooth video or animation. Like all of the latest MacBooks, this one comes equipped with a 1080p resolution FaceTime webcam and a backlit keyboard. 

If you're seeking a thin MacBook that can easily handle your everyday computing tasks and more, plus showcase your content on a beautiful and specious 15-inch display, grab this MacBook Air while it's on sale for just $1,049 -- a savings of $250 of its usual $1,299 price. Just be sure to click on the Apply $50 Coupon box to get this additional discount at checkout.

2023 14" MacBook Pro with M3 Pro processor: $2,099 (13% off)

Apple 2023 MacBook Pro Laptop M3 Pro

This configuration of the MacBook Pro is equipped with an M3 Pro processor, 18GB of unified memory and a 1TB SSD for internal storage. It's among the most current MacBook Pro laptops available. At the moment, Amazon has taken 13% off its usual price of $2,399, so you can buy this computer for $2,099.

However, if you want to upgrade the laptop's processor to an M3 Max and equip it with 36GB of unified memory and a 1TB SSD for storage, Amazon has this configuration on sale for 9% off, which brings the price down to $2,899.

2023 14" MacBook Pro with M3 Pro processor: $1,699 (15% off)

MacBook Pro with M3 Pro

Apple shook things up toward the end of 2023 with a major overhaul of its MacBook Pro lineup, rolling out not one but three processors: the Apple M3, M3 Pro and M3 Max. This particular model is one of the newest additions, so it's one to watch if you need a bit more power than what the previous M2 processor can offer. 

This MacBook Pro features a stunning 14.2-inch Liquid Retina XDR display that shines bright at up to 600 nits, making everything you do onscreen pop with clarity and vivid color. It boasts a powerful M3 Pro processor, accompanied by a generous 18GB of unified memory and a 512GB SSD for all your storage needs.

The 2023 versions of the MacBook Pro offers an impressive battery life that can go the distance with up to 18 hours on a single charge. When it comes to performance, the M3 Pro processor is a powerhouse, sporting a 12-core CPU and an 18-core GPU, so it's ready to tackle anything from everyday tasks to creative workflows or online gaming.

Right now, you can get this setup for just $1,699. That's $300 off the usual price. 

2023 16" MacBook Pro with M3 Pro processor: $1,999 (20% off)

16.2" MacBook Pro with M3 Pro

If you need more screen space, Apple has got you covered with a larger MacBook Pro variant that boasts a 16.2-inch Liquid Retina XDR display. This bigger version is powered by the M3 Pro processor and comes equipped with 18GB of unified memory and a 512GB SSD for storage.

When you're ready to make the purchase, you also have the flexibility to customize your MacBook Pro further. Options available at checkout include upgrading the unified memory to 36GB or 48GB, expanding the SSD capacity up to 1TB, or opting for the even more powerful M3 Max processor for peak performance.

Right now, Amazon has this MacBook configuration on sale for just $1,999, which is 20% off its usual price of $2,499. 

2023 14" MacBook Pro with M3 processor: $1,399 (13% off)

Apple 2023 MacBook Pro Laptop M3 chip

This is also the latest version of Apple's MacBook Pro laptop, but it runs using the basic M3 8-core CPU/10-core GPU processor. It comes equipped with 8GB of unified memory and a 1TB SSD for storage. You get all of the benefits of a 14.3-inch Liquid Retina XDR display and up to a 22-hour battery life.

During this final day of Amazon Prime Day 2024, save 13% on this laptop. The price is currently $1,399. Of course, it runs the very latest version of the MacOS operating system and comes with a really diverse collection of apps.

Apple 2022 MacBook Air with M2 processor: $799 (20% off)

Apple 2022 MacBook Air Laptop with M2 chip

Perfect for a middle school or high school student, or an average user looking for an affordable "starter MacBook," we recommend this 2022 Apple MacBook Air. It's a slightly older version of the MacBook Air, but it still runs the latest version of MacOS and comes with all of the same preinstalled as as current MacBooks. However, it runs using Apple's M2 processor, as opposed to the newer (and faster) M3 silicone.

This MacBook Air is light, ultra-thin and ready to help you tackle your everyday computing tasks. It offers a 13.6-inch Liquid Retina display and comes equipped with 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD for internal storage. You also get a backlit keyboard and a 1080p FaceTime HD webcam, so participating in video calls, online classes, or virtual meetings is easy.

Choose between four casing colors -- midnight, silver, space gray, or starlight. When purchasing this laptop on Amazon, if you feel that 256GB isn't enough storage, you can upgrade the SSD to offer 512GB of storage. This version of the MacBook Air is currently on sale for $799, which is 17% off its usual $1,199 price.

What is the best MacBook model?

Here are a few important factors to keep in mind while shopping for MacBooks:

Purpose: Are you a creative pro needing the muscle of a MacBook Pro for heavy graphics work, or are you more about surfing the web and crafting documents, where a MacBook Air would be just right? Once you know what your needs are, you can choose an affordable MacBook without overspending on technology and features you don't need.

Under the hood: Apple's M1 and M2 chips are known for speed and efficiency, a step up from older Intel chips. More RAM equals smoother multitasking, so give that some thought. At the moment, we recommend a MacBook with at least an M2 processor, although you'll be much better served by one of the latest M3 processors (with the M3 Max being the most powerful that Apple has to offer).

Storage needs: SSDs in MacBooks are lightning fast, but expanding storage via Apple comes with a hefty price tag. Figure out how much storage you need, but remember that you can always lean on the cloud for the overflow. All of the Apple MacBooks work seamlessly with the Apple iCloud service.

Screen time: The Pro models outshine with their displays, and size does matter. Do you need a compact 13-inch for on-the-go work, or does a 16-inch workspace sound like a dream? Weigh screen size against how mobile you want to be.

Portability: If you're always on the move, the MacBook Air can be your lightweight companion. But if you're after something with a bit more oomph and don't mind the extra heft, the MacBook Pro, particularly one of the 16-inch models, should be your go-to choice. 

Battery check: Apple's latest chips bring some serious power, but how you use your MacBook can move the needle on battery life. Think about what you need to get through your day and buy accordingly. Some of the latest MacBooks offer up to an unprecedented 22-hour battery life.

Pro Tip: This fall, Apple will be releasing an all-new version of MacOS, called MacOS Sequoia. Among other things, for the first time, all current MacBooks will have access to Apple Intelligence, which is the company's own version of artificial intelligence integration. This update will be available for free and is supported by all of the MacBooks featured in this roundup.

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