Want to own your own island?

  • Less than $100,000

    Chandler Island will only set you back $40,000. (Image courtesy of PrivateIslandsOnline.com)

    You can own a private island for a mere $40,000. As you might expect, such a meager sum won't buy you much more than the concept that you own a private island. Chandler Island is "an acre, more or less," according to the listing, situated in Wohoa Bay in Maine. At high tide, it's about "the size of an average suburban yard." The only thing included with the property, besides its natural vegetation, is a gazebo.

    At least it's easily accessible -- the island is only 80 miles from the state's third most-populous city, Bangor, and boats can reach the island at all times, except at very low tide, when you can actually walk to it because the water is only waist-deep.

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