Top 10 jobs for salary and growth

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    By Nick Wallace/SmartAsset

    In general, this is a good time for those seeking new opportunities in their careers. Unemployment is low and the economy continues to add jobs every month. Even so, leaving your current position for a new one is a stressful proposition -- especially if you aren't just changing employers, but changing fields entirely.

    On the other hand, a successful change of career paths can have huge long-term benefits. SmartAsset researched data on employment and income to find the jobs with the greatest upside.

    Key findings

    • The movie and TV industry is booming. Two of the top ten jobs are involved with the process of producing television shows, movies and other types of motion pictures. Film editors and camera operators saw job growth of 8% last year, more than double the national average.
    • Healthcare is a good bet. It's no secret that healthcare is a growth industry. The numbers bear that out. Three of the top ten jobs for salary and growth are in healthcare, including the teachers responsible for training all these new medical experts.


    For our analysis, SmartAsset looked at 2013 and 2014 Bureau of Labor Statistics data on nearly 700 jobs, considering every job with total U.S. employment of at least 5,000. Our index tracked the current average salary, the one-year job growth and the one-year salary growth for each profession. We found the number of standard deviations above or below the mean each job scored for each metric and totaled them up to find each job's overall ranking.

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