5 best and worst jobs for 2016

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    The 21st century has turned out to be a lousy time for a few careers.

    Technology has had tremendous impact on the way Americans live and work, and as a result some jobs are feeling the brunt. On the other hand, the technology sector's growth has also prompted the creation of a few new professions that offer both income growth and career opportunities.

    The five best and worst jobs for 2016 are separated by vast differences in wage and hiring growth, according to a new report from CareerCast, which examined criteria such as income, stress and hiring rates for about 200 professions. The best careers share a common trait beyond high income growth and opportunity: They also require specialized training, although not all require an advanced degree.

    The worst jobs may be easy to gain a foothold in, but declining demand for those professions may make them dead-end careers.

    Money may be a tempting reason to pursue a profession, but job experts caution that satisfaction is also important, such as the desire to make a difference in the world. But although some of the worst jobs for 2016 may appeal to people looking to make a difference in the world, they also come with shrinking job opportunities, stress and, in many cases, low pay.

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