Kim Jong Il: 10 weird facts, propaganda

  • Kim Jong Il: 10 weird facts, propaganda

    File photo taken in 1992 shows North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il (R) and then-leader, Jong-il's father, Kim Il-Sung (L) inspecting a soccer ground in Pyongyang. AFP/Getty Images

    Kim Jong Il, North Korea

    2. Fear of flying

    Perhaps one of the reasons the North Korean leader was so reclusive was his fear of flying, which he inherited from his father, Kim Il Sung. Kim rarely traveled abroad, and when he did it was by train - once taking a luxury rail car all the way to Moscow. In August GlobalPost reported that Kim visited Russia for talks with President Dmitry Medvedev, in an effort to shore up support for a transfer of power to his third son Kim Jong Un. Kim's preference for rail travel is poignant because his death reportedly occurred during a train journey to a region outside of the capital, Pyongyang.

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