Homes: What you can buy for $200,000

  • Zillow

    In most U.S. cities, $200,000 will buy a comfortable place to call home -- and it will probably have a decent patio.

    This price point aligns very closely with the U.S. median home value, which is currently $178,500 according to Zillow. Of course, all real estate is local. In Atlanta's Ormewood Park, spending just over that amount will buy a spacious two-story home with a storage loft, while in West Seattle it will buy a place that's about the size of a storage loft.

    However, the overall trend dictates that $200,000 seems to generally get you hardwood flooring, a fireplace, in-unit laundry and some kind of patio -- regardless of square footage.

    Here are 10 homes you can buy for $200,000 across the country.

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