Hair havoc? 10 foods that promote luscious locks

  • The low-fat diet popularized by Dr. Dean Ornish emphasizes produce, whole grains, and fish. The diet is good for your heart, and it's likely that it can help curb the risk for diabetes. If you stick with the more restrictive eating plan Ornish advocates, weight loss is likely, U.S. News says. Score: 3.0 istockphoto

    women's hair loss

    (CBS News) When most people think about how the food they eat affects their appearance, bulging waistlines or greasy skin blemishes might come to mind. But did you know what you eat can go a long way to help your hair?

    Or more importantly, missing out on these foods might leave your hair brittle and thinning. Dieters especially may be depriving themselves of essential nutrients their hair needs to stay healthy. "When you are on a crash diet, your hair crashes too," Dr. Alan J. Bauman, board-certified hair restoration physician in Boca Raton, Fla., told HealthPop.

    Fad diets are typically very calorie-restrictive. This wreaks havoc with hair growth as the body defers nutrients to the more critical body functions. If someone is already at risk for hereditary hair loss, a crash diet might speed up his or her hair loss.

    What are the best foods to keep hair healthy? With help from Dr. Bauman, keep clicking to see 10 foods that help keep your locks long and strong...