Former smokers speak up in graphic CDC video ads

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    (CBS News) Smokers sometimes have gruesome stories to share, as a lifetime of tobacco use can be damaging to a persons' health. The CDC wants to share those stories. In its largest national anti-smoking effort ever, the CDC launched a campaign of print, radio and TV ads featuring people whose lives have been ruined by smoking cigarettes. The spots will air for at least 12 weeks. 

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    Although U.S. smoking rates have experienced decades of decline, the rate has stalled at about 20 percent in recent years. Last month, a federal judge blocked proposed graphic warning labels on cigarette packages, saying the images overstepped the bounds of free speech. But these CDC ads are more graphic than any other that have aired nationally.  Will the ads be effective at helping the CDC reach it's goal of helping 50,000 smokers quit this year - or do they go too far? Keep clicking to see the ads from the CDC and decide for yourself...