Five things to know about John Kasich

  • He’s a budget hawk

    Kasich's reputation as a budget hawk began during his days as the House Budget Committee chairman. He rose to the position - already famous for his co-sponsoring an amendment that killed the Pentagon's request to build B-2 stealth bombers. He spent his early years in Congress writing budgets that made swift and deep cuts to the federal budget. Then-House Speaker Newt Gingrich credited him as the person most responsible for writing the 1997 Balanced Budget Act, a bipartisan agreement during the Clinton administration to balance the budget by 2002, the last time the federal budget was balanced.

    He brought that budget fervor to Ohio, where law requires that the state budget be balanced. Despite facing a nearly $8 billion shortfall when he took office, Kasich's first two budgets ultimately produced surpluses and helped replenish the rainy day fund.

    In the lead-up to his presidential campaign, he created a nonprofit group called Balanced Budget Forever to advocate for adding a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.

  • Rebecca Kaplan

    Rebecca Kaplan is a political reporter for