Eat less, drink up: 6 diets that let you booze

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     Friends Having Drinks

    Let's face it, dieting is hard. People have enough trouble giving up the foods they've grown to like, but having to lose weight without the comfort of an occasional drink can be a deal-breaker for some dieters. 

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    While certain diets have a zero-tolerance policy toward booze, others allow or even encourage moderate alcohol consumption - and experts say diets that permit drinking may be easier to stick to than their more rigid counterparts.

    From Angela Haupt of U.S. News & World Report, here's a look at six diets that allow drinking, with the first five listed in the order they're ranked among Best Weight-Loss Diets. One diet has not been evaluated by U.S. News as part of its Best Diets rankings. Each diet allows for at least one drink a day, and doesn't require compensating with exercise or by shaving calories elsewhere.