Are you an "almost-alcoholic"? 10 signs you might have a problem

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    Lots of people like to kick back every once in awhile with a few drinks, but are they closer to having a drinking problem than they might realize?

    The difference between the "almost alcoholic" and the true alcoholic is a matter of degree, according to Dr. Robert L. Doyle, professor of behavioral health at Harvard University and psychologist Dr. Joseph Nowinski. Their new book "Almost Alcoholic" looks at the fine line where a person can be well on their way to full-fledged alcoholism.

    The true alcoholic is physically dependent on alcohol, and will experience symptoms of withdrawal if he or she stops. The true alcoholic will answer "yes" and "always" or "almost always" to most or all of the following statements.

    Men and women who are somewhere in the almost alcoholic zone, however, will be able to identify with some of these statements as describing their drinking behavior. Are you an almost alcoholic? Keep clicking to see how many of the following statements describe your drinking...