8 remarkably retro "time capsule" homes

  • Photo courtesy of HomeFinder Canada

    Did you install colorful carpeting in the 1960s, mix wallpaper patterns in the '70s and sponge-paint your walls in the '80s?

    Traditional real estate wisdom says you should gradually update your retro décor if you ever plan on selling your home. But preserving a design scheme can turn its own retro aesthetic, turning a home into a kind of time capsule worthy of historic preservation -- and plenty of ogling.

    Indeed, with architectural styles like "mid-century modern" and new vintage trends now in vogue, some realtors are advising homeowners to leave properties in their original condition. Jeffrey Hogue, owner of Weichert Realtors Neighborhood One in Reading, Pennsylvania, recently told CNN that while there can be "unique challenges" to selling a time-capsule property, that nostalgic appeal can also be a draw for potential buyers.

    Most homes in which the original features remain intact have one thing in common: Few people have lived there. Take a look at these eight homes that have been left largely untouched by time or new furnishings.

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