8 gifts for choosy millennials

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    The millennial generation may be different from their older peers thanks to mere size, with 80 million of them now coming of age in America.

    But this group also has some different priorities and stresses (student debt, anyone?) than previous generations, which can make buying holiday gifts somewhat of a challenge.

    For one, while they aren't as tied to organizations as in the past, they have grown up as digital natives and live, eat and breathe social networking. That may make a tech gift a great idea, although it's important to make sure the millennial already doesn't own the latest gadget before splurging.

    "They love technology and they are early adopters of new tech, so if they don't have the latest gadgets and they are a gadget guru," that could be a good idea for a millennial, notes Jeff Fromm, the president of FutureCast, a millennial marketing consulting group, and the author of "Marketing to Millennials."

    To be sure, millennials, the generation born between about 1980 through the late 1990s, also span a huge age range. The oldest of that group may be starting families and buying homes, while the youngest may be just thinking about applying to colleges.

    "I would note that there are a lot of millennials in very different life stages," Fromm added. "You have a bunch in college and others starting their families. What does a high school student have in common with a 30-year-old woman who just had a baby? If you say nothing, you are right."

    The bottom line, Fromm said, is know the millennial you are buying for.

    Aside from that, millennials love affordable adventure, and they also tend to love pragmatic gifts that will surprise and delight them, Fromm added. That can range from a tech gadget to buying a "beer of the month" subscription.

    Read on for gift ideas for your favorite millennial.