5 best U.S. cities for building wealth

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    The banking and tech cities of New York City and San Francisco come to mind when one envisions living a life in luxury. But neither is probably the best place to live for those looking to build wealth.

    As Bankrate.com banking analyst Claes Bell put it: "Living in a killer job market is great. But if you're spending half your income on rent, it's going to be hard to save and invest. You have to look at the whole picture."

    What follows is a Bankrate.com ranking of the largest metro areas in the U.S. according to how strong of an environment they provide for making and saving money. The factors considered include after-tax savable income and the local markets for jobs and housing.

    "Many of the cities that ranked high in the study may not be synonymous with wealth in the public mind, but they do a better overall job of creating an environment for typical households to get ahead financially," said Bell.

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